Guaranteed r-e-l-i-e-f

Or….make some just picked peach ice cream! Yum 😋

Peaches & cream ice cream

Speedy’s first trip to the lake. He’s usually a brave little bugger, and smart as a whip, so the children decided to put him to the test. 😄 Now what? He was stumped at first, but with enough prodding from all.. he was off! Once ashore he was strutting all around plus wagging his tail a mile a minute from all the applause. No stopping him now 😊

Now what? Why did they just leave me here?
Got up his courage.. and he’s off!
Still looking a bit uncertain.. what did I just do?! Such a good boy 💕

Do I Hear Thunder?

OMG! I think they finally have forecasted it right! I think a matter of time has a lot to do with it too.. along with weeks of drought. Thunder, torrential rains, hail – the whole shooting match. Hallelujah! 😊

It’s getting darker and darker as I type. Best go scramble to get all these windows closed up!

Day Lily

Salsa Season

In my basket.. salsa fixingstomatillo’s, ground cherries & sun golds and cherry tomatoes
Ground cherry salsa
Served with grilled cod

First Corn

Lunch is going to be great today! 😋 Just picked our first of the corn this season. Next to tomatoes.. it’s my fave summertime veggie! Just picked, shucked, steamed and buttered. This is what summer is all about 😉

First corn of the season

Singular Sensation

Now isn’t this better than looking at someone’s toe-nail fungus infected foot?? LOL! Gawd, I surely hope so! 😇

Well, it appears that after 14 great years.. advertisements are appearing on this blog. After brief research it appears WordPress wants to make some extra revenue!! Arrgghh ! 😡 If I’m reading correctly, they want to charge me $30 to remove the damn things! I mean really? Gum disease, erectile dysfunction, removing toenail fungus, walk-in bathtubs??

It’s been labeled as “Sponsored Content” Who in their right mind would ‘sponsor’ this kind of advertisement knowingly on their blogs? Guess I’m going to need to mull this over some, but as sure as I’m sitting here, the last thing I want to see on my site is this kind of malarkey!

My apologies to those that have had to scroll through this crap. At the very least, if WordPress is so desperate to need to include daily advertisements to increase their revenues, the least they could do is make it blog content similar.. gardening, farming, walking, fresh air, green living etc. And it would have been considerate for the blogger to have been forewarned that these ads would be occurring with no notice!

I’m pretty certain toe nail fungus is of interest to some.. just not me! 🙃

Passing On By

Sailing by

Nephew Michael popped in on me last night. Can you tell this is the start of his vacation? 😄😎 They are on their way up to Acadia for some hiking today. Have fun, Mikey! 💕

Happy vacationer

Great Morning

Fifteen degrees cooler. Hooray! Still high humidity.. but the water is simply luscious this morn for a dip.

Perfect waves
Tip-toeing in
Tossing a ball for these happy campers 😊