Perfect Start

Midsummer Morn

A hazy midsummer sunrise.

Blueberry Pearls

Fresh picked blueberries

Local Color

Cape Porpoise Buoys

Bog Snipe

Spotted this guy poking around down near the wetlands.. pretty much everything is ‘wetlands’ here in Maine this week!

Bog snipe

First Tomatoes

First picked tomatoes of the season

First tomatoes of the season. So worth the wait! 🍅 … and keeping with tradition, first BLT too! The sun gold’s .. never did make it home. 😋 but hey, they’ll be a bazillion more by next week.

Sun gold’s
First B.L.T. SO good!

Cape Porpoise

Snazzy Cosmos

I planted a few new cosmos this year, and the results of this one is sensational! And.. I’m finding this variety is holding up longer in my cut flower bouquets.

‘Seashell’ Cosmos
Pretty snazzy new cosmos… ‘seashell’ variety

Stuffed Bass

… Prepped for grilling- – fresh lemon thyme, savory, minced garlic, sliced lemons, a sprinkle of za’atar, and white pepper. A splash of white wine with a drizzle of olive oil and he’s good to go (if this rain let’s up! 😠).. Just reeled him in… the biting was so good this morning. Yum!

Island Lupines

Campobello Island Lupines