Winter Thoughts


Winter being the longest season here, at least for me ~~it’s time for rest. Many of the other seasonal chores have been put to bed under a blanket of snow..

The seed catalogs are quite the gayest blizzard afforded during this cheerless month of January. Since about half of every catalog is given to annuals, is it any wonder that these visionary Edens are a true delight of three-foot larkspur, glowing snapdragons, fragrant mignonette… and culinary herbs, Lavender, Basils, Rosemary and Thymes.. and vegetables–so many delicious varieties of tomatoes, squash, peppers and every other perennial flower we’ve ever wished to grow to perfection?


We can sketch some tentative plans on paper, make out seed lists… and think green! Then, on the first of February, my growing season begins in the grow room, with about as many flats of herb seedlings you can imagine–setting, all in rows over heated benches. And here they will remain until mid March, when they can safely be moved out into the coldframes for hardening off before their final stages of growth into the garden in mid to late May here in Maine.



Last season a friend send me here, GrowVeg.com where I was able to design my garden plot. It was a fun project, and it gave me a good resource guide, (because I can no longer depend on this old memory) as I put to paper my plan for this years garden. You might want to give it a try–it surely beats shoveling snow ;-)

Lucky Lady


Footbridge Dory


Role Model

Everyone should have a role model, preferably one this sweet.



Looking Back

With another year drawing to a close, I found myself reading some quotes on the passage of time over the long holiday weekend. Another year has come to an end.  Every year we celebrate the end and start of a new year.  The days between early December to the beginning of January can be tough for many, and yet be the most ‘fulfilling’ as well.  I think that each year we progress, we move forward, or take a step back, but each year creates an impression in us all that helps to pave that road to our future journey through life.

One quote that I came across, made me stop and pause…

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward”

While there is no denying life must be lived forwards I’m not quite sure that even when we look back at our life that we can truly understand everything. Yet what we do understand from our experiences, and those learnings that we pick up along the way, can be used to improve upon our decision making and how we live our life in the years ahead.
I just loved reading other people’s reflections and thoughts on their year gone by, as I thought about how quickly the years seem to be passing. I think the end of the year is a great time to reflect on your life, and to revisit those standout memories and to consider challenging ones self, to seek beyond the mundane of everyday life that consumes most people.  With my own crazy, busy schedule I seem to have less and less time to do many updates here on this blog as I would like, and oftentimes I haven’t the time to visit some of my favorite blogs with any regularity, so the end of the year allows me to catch up on their milestones, wishes and achievements.

I’m sure you’ve all read about someone’s self reflection of this past year by now.  In the last moments of another calendar year, we can’t help but reflect on how far away the beginning of the year feels, especially with all the memories ‘cluttering’ our minds between then and now, and don’t let anyone kid you, ‘cluttering’ is good for the soul. It’s become a mental exercise that I enjoy taking part in, and something that I use to do more, than I give myself time for these days.
Looking back through an entire year, we can surely find a long shopping list of life experiences to ponder about– twists and turns, surprises (both good & bad), goals that we’ve achieved, and those that never came to fruition, friends, family and loved ones that we’ve spent time with, family and friends that you’ve loved and lost, new developments in a career path, boring moments we often forget, the joy in laughter with someone near and dear, absolutely beautiful memories that we will always cherish and always ‘keep close’, glorious highs along with sometimes unbearably taxing lows, gorgeous sunrises seared into our souls, rainy days that feed our need to slow down, and every unknown variable that just being ‘human’ can produce in between. The sum of our experiences equates to the ‘year end inventory’ in my mind and  the result of each and every one of our existences… and the new year is just a beautiful time to reflect upon that.
A very dear friend sent me a New Years wish last Christmas.. to live life to the fullest, to take chances-big or small, to let go, to play hard and to do whatever truly makes you happy.  Well I took that advice and did just that<3  It helped shape the following twelve months and took me on a rollercoaster ride of the best kind. So here’s a little recap of my past year. And what a year it’s been!

Early winter of 2015 started out kind of rough for me, for a multitude of reasons.. health issues, endless days of our typical northern winters.. compounded with 108 inches of record breaking snow :-( just plain yucky! If you are a regular reader of this blog, it comes as no secret, my dislike of our winters here.  Then, Mother Nature finally stepped in to renew and warm my soul again as we celebrated in the joy of Spring… I gardened, I photographed, I reconnected with old friends, I kayaked, I created, I swam, I cooked, I relished, I walked and walked & walked and I flirted with the sweeter parts of life. But I had no idea what the wonderful twist of life would bring me in the early days of summer, and every day since.  Sometimes, the inner goodness of a person shines so bright, that you just cannot ignore it. I can ‘reach out’ to that bright light to find a truly good heart and see a new beauty that is all new to me.
Mid summer brought lots of rewarding hard work, of a fruitful bounty of a wonderful growing season, much sharing, a commission to captured a good friends wedding on film, a couple of great collaborations, and the steady growth of my little cottage business that keeps me on my toes!  But even more… if anything for me in this past year, it has been a deeper acceptance of my strengths and weaknesses, of letting go, of a profound love, trust and unending faith. In one more day, a blank page awaits us all…
How will you fill those pages of 2016? I can’t wait to see!

Thyme does has a funny way of making you feel like a fool if you dwell on it too much, and it also has a beautiful way of showing you that it remains a constant force in our lives that can bring about much change when we least expect it.  I hope that each of you has some time to reflect before marching straight forward into another year, that too, will eventually come and go…

Happy New Year ~~ Felice Anno Nuovo All!
Whatever your wishes for 2016 are~~ go for them!



Christmas Wish

Greetings from the fog-bound coast of Maine. this morning. If you aren’t seeing Christmas outside your window, look inside your heart. I’m sure you will find it without too much trouble. Now that you have found it, share it with all. If you have trouble finding it….reach out.

Wishing you the merriest of Christmas’s



Bonfire By the Sea

This weekend, we are celebrating beautiful Christmas By the Sea here, in Ogunquit. Activities all weekend long should keep you pretty busy.  Tree lighting, Fairs, Wine & Food  tastings, a parade, and following the parade,  a bonfire down on the beach. And because it’s such a beautiful day today here, it will be a perfect evening for the fireworks display down on Main Beach.




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