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Said Fanny to Elmo

Said Fanny to Elmo..

Ten below? You must be mistaken? No.. there’s no mistake about it.. it’s so cold, I have no thumpity- thump left in me!

Fanny & Elmo

Fanny & Elmo


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garden thyme

Never enough thyme?

Time… escapes me when I am in the garden.  I can enjoy the songs of birds visiting the bird bath to take a dip, and listen to the hum of the bees as they work the bed of thymes.  I love the sensuous leaves of the lambs ears, and the delicious fragrance  of lemon balm, as well as the glistening dew that’s settled in the leaves of the sweet woodruff.  I can delight in the beautiful blue of the strarlike borage flower.. or the clear yellow of a calendula blossom and enjoy the brilliant scarlet & lavenders of the bergamots.  Or maybe watch the shoo-fly grow?  I can watch the mints..creeping in and around the brick pathways & see the egyptian onions poke their little faces skywards.  Very seldom do I pass a bed of sorrell in the Springtime, without snatching at least a piece!  The lavenders of the flowering chives will be in full blossom soon.  For at least a week they will remain, before dropping their chocolate covered seed.. til next year.  What some consider toil and trouble, I find a certain solitude.. my special place.

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