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Meet Clifford, who’s been raised by our friends at Pamelalama’s.

I just love his underbite 🙂 I took this shot during our Punkinfiddle Festival where he chomped away– unphased  by all of his many visitors.  Pam is another participating vendor at our farmers market, who’s alpaca and llama textiles are simply gorgeous! She offers the warmest winter socks I’ve ever worn.. hats, mittens, scarves and even hand woven rugs.

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Do you believe in the wishbone legend? How many of us fought over the turkey day bird to put dibs in for the wishbone?  While visiting with a friend this week, this subject came up as I took a few shots of her favorite Tom–Chester.  No, Chester won’t be the star of her dinner table tomorrow–he’s strictly a pet. I have to admit I really never gave it much thought how/why the legend came about–but only that I enjoyed partaking in it as a youngster.

The  legend began with the ancient belief that chickens were fortune tellers.  The tradition of wishing on their clavicle, or ‘wishbone’ was passed down through generations and brought to America by the Pilgrims.

They, then adapted it to the turkey, making it a part of the Thanksgiving festivities.  The  collarbone, which we call the wishbone, was saved and dried for three days so that later on, two people could pull it apart. The person who broke off the larger piece was said to “get the lucky break,” and win the wish.

Chester might argue on this point….

Chester the turkey

Simple pleasures, sweet surprises, joyful journeys along with together times… Thanksgiving.. a time to be thankful for all the abundances in our lives.  Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with all the blessings of the season.

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Abandoned farm

I walk by this old abandoned farm weekly, but never really took the time to poke around.  Last week on a sunny afternoon walk I was drawn to the bittersweet brambles weaving their way towards the front door…this old farm– a testament of a time, and  long forgotten. I would imagine there’s lots of stories behind these old walls.

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honey thyme

With the herbs nearly all  harvested now its time to make sure our winter medicine cabinet has all it needs. Thyme honey is one of the important parts of our medicine cabinet. It is used for colds, influenza and sore throats. Thyme has strong antiseptic properties including activity against viruses, insects, bacteria and fungus. Traditionally, thyme was used to treat bronchitis but I I find it to be useful in our house for treating winter illnesses such as colds such as the one I am fighting  now.  One nice way to use thyme is as honey and its very easy to make. You can still pick thyme now, it should withstand a mild frost just fine. Cut stems short and put them in a glass mason jar. Cover the thyme with wildflower honey. Put the jar in a pan of water to slightly heat the honey while pushing the thyme down and adding more thyme. Once the honey is fluid, put the lid on the jar and store the honey with the thyme still in it until needed. You can use this honey to add to tea or use it straight for a sore throat.

thyme honey tea

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Three bellies full

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A few weeks back I posted a visit with my sister and she brought along her new pup Oliver.  Well this morning sis sends me this email with a link in it with a note saying..

Here is the link/blog of Ollie’s calendar photo shoot for “The Doggy Calendar” .  I don’t know yet if he made the calendar as the photographer is still taking shots….she just put these 4 up though so maybe it’s a good sign…..he’s my little angel “movie star”!

I had to laugh to myself.. you just have to know my sister as to the whys  LOL 🙂  Well I clicked on the link not knowing just what to expect..

Ollie's calender shot


Apparently, Ollie was at his monthy visit to the groomers and the groomer mentioned to a photographer that this little pooch was so well behaved, she might like to photograph him.  My sister was a little surprised weeks later to be asked if Ollie would ‘sit’ for a professional shoot for an upcoming calender that was to be marketed to benefit the Animal Rescue League in NH.

The photographer,  Kelly and Company has a wonderful new blog and just marvelous pet/animal  photography. Do stop by if you love animals as much as we do.

Good luck Ollie.. I hope I can an autogrpahed pawprint  from you 😉 And to think, I knew him when he would piddle on the floor when he got excited visiting.

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Thought for the day..

Food for thought

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