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Happy May Day!

Moderate winds have swept this weeks grey and drizzly skies away at last.  Days of chilly wet weather have put planting plans aside this week. But in spite of the drizzles I just had to check on my seedlings and to see what’s sprouting.

The peas are beginning to creep up the arbor. while the beets, carrots, turnip and spinach have finally made their appearance known.  The grapevines are swelling just beautifully, as are the lovely lilacs–they will be flowering much earlier this year I think.  The cheerful lily-of-the valley have blossomed and the buds of chive blossoms are just ready to pop open.

May day lily of the valley blossoms

And in the cold frame, the pepper seedlings are sunning themselves warmly.  There is something about watching pepper seedlings grow that makes me deeply happy.

Pepper seedlings

I absolutely love May Day, and though it will be a different day for me this year, another milestone of sorts, and the opening day of one of my three farmers markets– a busy one for me.  But before the day has ended I will have visited the sea to reflect on the days celebration–pick up a favorite shell along my walk, then into the garden to celebrate the true rites of  Spring, at least in my experience as to how I perceive it, and  then I’ll plant my annual forget-me-nots.. just a crazy thing that I do every year. Who knows why? The cheerful bluebirds have returned to my garden again this year and have been busily building their nests– so in just another few short weeks we’ll be hearing those cheep cheep, peep peeping sounds I look forward to every spring.

My day will end enjoying  a wonderful dinner out at my favorite restaurant  with dear hubby and I’ll get to blow out more candles than I care to admit, but will try not to get too winded doing so!  I hope your May Day celebration is as wonderful as mine. Happy May Day!

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Comfrey in my garden

When I first became involved with herbs in the early 1970’s, comfrey was then known to be a miracle herb.  It was the front yard insignia of the back-to-the-land movement.  Back then, if you had a subscription to Mother Earth News, you had a comfrey plant–or a comfrey plantation.  No herb so devoid of flavor and fragrance had ever achieved such popularity.  You could do just about anything with comfrey.  It was a nearly universal folk remedy, the answers to food shortages and even fodder for the livestock.

Back in those days you didn’t have to look the plant up to find out how to use it.  Comfrey was so well know back in the 70’s equivalent to what aloe vera would become in the 1980’s.  Back then, it became my absolute favorite herb in the gardens.

Even today, as I cleaned out  split and moved my comfrey beds around I had to smile remembering back on that old folklore.  I think every gardener should have a comfrey patch,  Yes, it has it’s place.. or rather shouldn’t be moved unless you really do want to have a comfrey plantation in your yard, but left undesturbed, it’s simply a lovely statured bed of flowers.

Flowering Comfrey

When I sold our herb farm last year, I took with me one hundred and fifty perennial and herb cuttings to  start again here in Maine, and remarkably enough I forgot to grab a snippet of comfrey!  My good friend Cindy had some comfrey growing randomly around her farm and was good enough to give me four cuttings from her beds.  I immediately transplanted them down at the farm to a dedicated comfrey bed that I would cherish.  Not only do I adore the plant itself, I cultivate it for it’s healing properties to be used in my healing salves and balms as well as my herbal soaps.  Well, those four ‘cuttings’ grew into a simply marvelous comfrey patch last year.

Comfrey Patch..from 4 little cuttings

So early this morning I split and spread them even moreso, but within the same bed. With the next few days of  forecasted rains.. they will burst with rapid growth and begin to show their blossoms before we know it.

I hope you’ll try some comfrey in your gardens. Anyone can grow it.  Just remember, it really is harder to get rid of than it is to grow.  So plan to give it one dedicated spot of its own. Happy gardening!

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Trumpets that blare

I seldom buy lottery tickets, so instead, hubby decided to surprise me yesterday by picking up one of our state Megabuck tickets.  As he went to hand the payment over to the salesperson, trumpets began to blare!  Apparently the state is having some special promo deal  to get more folks to purchase the supposed winning grand prize ticket..  and if you hear bells & whistles and trumpets blaring.. you instantly win one hundred dollars in cash!  Yeehaw!  The guy in the store flipped out,  hubby was thoroughly confused when the fellow said.. hey mister, you just won $100.  hubby thought it was a joke.. but lo & behold–no joke! Not bad for a two dollar investment.  Now I can pick up a few more perennials for the gardens! 🙂

Lottery win!

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A couple of weeks ago I went to visit our friends over at Humble Acres Farm.. where these days you’ll find a plethora of  kid goats.  Yes, it’s kidding season on the farm and as I looked around I saw bagged up doe after doe just lolling about waiting for their turn to birth.  Eight kids so far, with triplets due again this weekend and more to birth after that!

Cindy started her herd just a few years ago, wanting just one or two goats mostly to supply her family with fresh milk and  to make her goat milk soaps.. but alas,  they won her heart  as only these wonderful Nigerian dwarfs will do.  The herd is extremely well cared for and I have to admit, spoiled as much as I spoiled my own.  I just love my visits there each time I go.  I almost slipped this week old buck in my Jeep..  he was simply too sweet to leave. Isn’t he a little cutie?

Humble Acres kids

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Skeerdy Cat

Munchie decided it was time to brave the outdoors for the first time. As you can see, she wasn’t too happy with her first adventure.

Munchie's outdoor adventure

After such a traumatic afternoon she needed her kitty nap and was once again one happy little camper.

Ms Snugglebug.. Munchie

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