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Marginal Way Respite

Washed Ashore

As the tide rolls in, so didn’t the verdict. This week Ogunquit Beach won the NECN contest: Baby, You’re the Best– for best beach in New England.  A beach I walk on pretty much daily, and now the secret’s out! With this gorgeous holiday weekend here, even more beachcombers will flock to our coastline.  Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Perkins Cove

Baby, You're the Best: Ogunquit Beach

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What a beautiful day to walk on the beach.  It’s going to be another hot one so I walked early.. the best time of the day here to walk.  I have a sincere fondness for beach roses, and with this hot steamy weather that has moved in, the roses are absolutely stunning!

Beach Rose

Memorial Day Beach Roses

I’m off  to our opening farmers market today and have two more markets this weekend to get in.  But then I am hopping on my kayak and heading out to Cape Porpoise to paddle around Goat Island.   Then, we’re planning to enjoy the rest of this holiday with family and friends and a lot of lamb on the stick!. I hope everyone has a great memorial weekend!

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Speak, Hear, Say No Evil Kitties

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Rain or shine, these days you’ll find me either at work, at my farmers markets or in my garden.  I’ve been spending a lot of time working  to get everything in the ground.  Every available inch is packed with plants, seedlings or readied for warmer days.  I can’t possibly fit  anymore;  I just need to be patient and let the garden grow.  I only wish Mother Nature would cooperate a bit more.  Last week, three nights of killing frost nailed one of my grapevines 😦  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can save it., and every last one of my nasturtiums was lost, so today they were replanted.  They were so stunning in the garden last season, it would be a shame to omit them.

If not the cold, the winds were to be reckoned with here this past week on a daily basis.  Thursday the entire top of my cold frame blew off!  Glass flew everywhere! 😦  I wasn’t a happy camper that day for sure, so instead of replacing it with more glass, I went with plexy this time.  It doesn’t insulate as well as the glass, but I guess I have to be practical when it comes to the wind tunnel effects we can have gusting from out of nowhere.  But the plants are thriving.  The hoop house is packed with more plants enjoying the warmth and this year I decided to add  yet another herb garden to the plot.  The comfrey beds are going to be just stunning this year–just loaded with blossoms just ready to burst open.

Some new items I’ve adding to the gardens this season are artichokes and cardoon.  Both new for me, and I’m excited to see how well they will grow.


My potatoes have finally poked up through the earth and salt marsh hay and looking splendid.  The peas are weaving their way up the arbor and I’ve been harvesting salad greens, ruby chard  and spinach or ten days now.

Beets,carrots and turnips have all been thinned out and look very hardy.  It will be a good season for them all.  I’m anxious to get my beans and scarlet runners in the ground, but will hold off another week I think, with this odd weather we have been experiencing.  And within another  ten days the turtles will start returning to the gardens to lay their eggs.

New birdhouses

The birds have been busy building their nests in their new homes and the bluebirds did return again this year.  Every morning they greet me as I arrive in the garden.  Some mornings  I could just watch them for hours busy at their task, but alas,  I have much to do on my own task list to dawdle too long.  All in all, it’s coming together.  How are your gardens growing?

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A bird song in the morning dew,

a gentle warming breeze,

a field of wildflowers,

and a quiet stroll with my best buddy…

make a perfect day.

A perfect day

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Every night about eight o’clock, the boys would line up and wait patiently for their treat.

Cookie time--Molly, Jackson & Duff

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Moms are the greatest!

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Colors of Spring

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Tree Faced Oak

You don’t often drive along a country road to have this staring down at you.

Do you know where you're going to?

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