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One Happy Gardener

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I have to admit, I’m seldom startle easily.. but the other morning when I walked into my garden, I heard this odd rustling noise? Then a kind of a gurgling, peeping grunt.  I’m sure I’m not describing this sound accurately, but certain that I’d not heard it recently in my garden!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the nesting turtles, but so far none have appeared.  This sound was so unfamiliar to me and then as I was about to enter the comfrey patch he  appeared!  I think he was as startled as I was..but one thing was very clear–I wasn’t about to tackle this fellow all alone!  Many years ago our Jackson went head to head with one of these critters that had decided to take up residency in our back barn.  Not one of Bubba’s  finer investigational moments, but a real learning experience for him and after our emergency visit to the vet, Jackson learned really fast to respect these quilly little guys.  So I backed off.. he  stood there checking me out for a few moments and then hobbled off without uttering another peep.  I hope Quentin, the quilly porcupine  (yeah, I have a habit of naming most critters I come in contact with) doesn’t take this personally, but I’m praying he never comes back!

Quilly Quentin

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Goat Island Light--Cape Porpoise

How can it be possible that I  have not uttered the word “lobster” on this blog yet?  Well that is about to change.  It seems every Maineiac and visitor has an opinion on this subject “where to get the best lobster roll”.  Now it is my turn to weigh in on the debate.

I’m guess I am just a traditionalist when it comes to lobster rolls and take a minimalist approach to preparing one– the star always being the lobster.  Only large, chilled chunks of the freshest meat combined with a small amount of mayonnaise will do.  And then there’s the  bun, yes the bun– it must be a top loader, buttered and grilled to a golden brown.  The lobster meat should be piled high and generously with perhaps a few chunk spilling out onto the plate.  Maybe just a squeeze of fresh lemon and utter perfection.

The best Lobster Roll

Fresh off the boats

Now that we have established what is best, we need to know where to find the best, if not making your own.  Did I say Cape Porpoise?

Cape Porpoise

For us it is the Cape Pier Chowder House in Cape Porpoise, the prettiest little working harbor in all of Maine.

Cape Porpoise Chowder House

I must admit I have been a long time fan and derive such comfort from stepping up and placing my order, usually the best fried clams, lobsters, steamers, lobster rolls or chowdah…grabbing a cold beer and waiting outside on the dock overlooking Cape Porpoise Harbor, and just gazing over at the Goat Island Light.  It is simple, familiar and always outstanding and it is the simple pleasures that we  Maineiacss never take for granted. Some things never change and aside from their location, the fabulous service and friendly staff keep me well fed and one happy camper.

Best Fried Clams in Maine

I’m often asked, where my header picture was taken..  Cape Porpoise harbor.

Where did I catch my first fish? Cape Porpoise harbor. As did all my children–cept they caught crabs…bazillions of them!

First Catch--Ye Old Fisherman 1957

Where is my favorite spot to paddle around on my kayak?  Cape Porpoise harbor.

Turbots Creek--Cape Porpoise

Where does the lovely essence of the beach rose permeate the air and powder puff  clouded blue skies look the prettiest from any angle? Cape Porpoise harbor…well actually, after you kayak out there– from atop Goat Island Light looking over Cape Porpoise harbor 😉

Atop Goat Island Light

Cape Porpoise Harbor--opposite end

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now..  Cape Porpoise has a reserved, not to mention– special place in my heart. So if you’re ever in our neck of the woods, and want to see what the most picturesque little working harbor is all about, stop on by.  Oh yeah, be sure to bring your appetite along with your camera.. meet some of the locals…you won’t be sorry. Here’s one of my fave locals.

Love Maine lobsters says Skipper

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