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Celebrating the Season

I just love this time of year, and part of our holiday season  began this past weekend.. our town has a ‘Tree Lighting’ ceremony. Though we haven’t had any snow yet, but a few flurries.. thank gawd!! :o) It’s very hometown.. everyone comes out for it… Santa  arrives…carols are sung.. candles were lit for everyone to carry.. and of course the tree lighting itself takes place. And in our church, the sound of the lovely bellringers perform their magic.. and later a potluck dinner along with  Xmas cookies for all!

Tree Lighting

I was just teasing in my last post about baking cookies, but do need to finish up on a little gift shopping.  My oven has been running nonstop since last week. We’ve been busy baking.. Twenty or so of us bake assorted Xmas cookies and make up trays upon trays that we will deliver to over 200 elders, and shut-ins this year. It’s a very special project for me.  How do you celebrate this season?


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