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Well it’s nearly here.  Are you all set for it? Shopping done? Christmas cards mailed? Gifts all wrapped? Cookies and confections all made? Isn’t it crazy how we all overextend ourselves this time of year? I’m guilty as much as the next one most years, but this year I decided to put a stop to all the craziness and simply enjoy this holiday.  Well except for the cookies and sweets 😉

My shows are all finished for the season.  It was a really good season for me and in spite of the negative financial press we read about so often, folks were still shopping. Year end inventory will be a breeze this year.  We have none of that white stuff on the ground so far, so the other day  I decided to head down to the Cove to one of my fave little pottery shoppes to pick up a few small items.  As I perused the shoppe, I noticed a new sign that read ‘no picture taking allowed‘.  Hmm..  should I or not?  I simply couldn’t resist and with this new phone my daughter picked up for me a few weeks ago, clearly I wasn’t going to pass up taking just a few shots–{devilish grin :+)

As I walked up to the shoppe this sign caught my eye.

Near the sea

I had to laugh to myself, as near the sea or not–these past weeks have just disappeared for me.  I didn’t forget to count those days–poof, they were simply gone!  Now if we could only bypass winter altogether and bring in the spring blossoms, I’m certain I’d be first in line to begin counting again.

Here’s a couple of more shots of items that caught my eye.  As I said, it really is a sweet store with unique items.. that unfortunately I just couldn’t seem to stop myself from breaking the rules.

Pottery shoppe

Friendly greeters

Lovely pottery

See what I mean?  I just loved the shape, design and  earthy hues of these lovely pots.  After shopping,  I met with a few friends to have our annual Christmas luncheon and to compare shopping lists.  I’m so happy to say, mine was the shortest.  For joy!

A few weeks ago I remember posting about the nutty schedule I was keeping.  And it was indeed a crazy time for me, and one that will never occur again.  So it’s really been a very good week, this week for me.  We delivered tons of homemade cookies to less unfortunate folks–whose faces just lit up when they saw us arrive with their cookie tray of goodies.  I think–no, I know this is reward enough for me, just seeing the joy in their eyes, for the company and easy conversation.  Best of all, they never expected us to show up on their doorsteps.  I purposely left my camera at home the day we did our deliveries, but now I am sorry I didn’t capture these moment, for they were indeed priceless expressions.  Such appreciative eyes.

Tonight, we are going to a cocktail/open house party.  Good friends getting together.  There will be a Yankee swap at the end of the night, that’s always a lot of fun to partake in.  Earlier today we shipped the last of our holiday gifts out, so it’s a doodling around day for me here. Whew, I’m loving this unexpected time off from work.

A dear friend sent me a beautiful rosemary topiary yesterday–rosemary, the herb of remembrance.  It’s sitting here on my desk and each time I look at it I’m reminded of another time and fond remembrances in my life.  I’m flooded with memories of my beloved sister that won’t be with me this year.  I know she’ll feel the love I’m sending up in heaven with each embrace.

So here I sit at the computer just doodling around today.  My nephew sent me a link to Befunky.com, a new editing program that I’ve been playing around with. It’s Liam’s first XMas–so it was fitting to use him in this trial run. Isn’t he a cutiepie? 🙂

Liam's first Christmas-- Ho ho ho!

So then from this program I went back to another old friendly site, Dumper and made this one. LOL  Willy helped me somewhat 🙂 while Spencie just snoozed in her basket.

Doodling around day

This is what days off are really all about–doing absolutely nothing!  And now that I’ve spent nearly the morning on this computer, it’s time for my walk.  I hope enjoy your thyme off too!


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