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St. Fiacre

Another year gone by.  January 1st has rolled around once again.  The end of each year invariably leads us to some sort of evaluating and inventory–not only for every day  life, but helps to forecast future times in a small way don’t you think? I don’t typically think about resolutions for the new year, mostly because I know full well, I’ll never manage to keep them.  But that’s just me.

January 1st is product inventory taking time for me here too.  In these first two weeks of the year, new and old products for this upcoming year will be decided upon–which bars will make the cut?  Time will only tell.

I began this blog two years ago today.  Wow, doesn’t time just fly by! I can recall thinking at the time as I sat to write that first post, I must be crazy!  I’ll never be able to keep up posting on a regular basis–my life is too busy for that sort of commitment, but I really wanted  to more or less catalog moments/photos  in time that were meaningful to me and as I wrote in that first post,’ nothing earth shattering’, but rather an eclectic journal of moments in my life.

It’s been an up and down year for us here, just the usual roller coaster ride we all seem to partake in these days.  Life has a way of hurling us in so many directions–mine for certain– these recent past years, and like it or not days simply disappear and thyme does go by.  We joyously celebrated new birth this past year, with little Liam’s arrival.  We wept for days at the passing of my dear sister, Denise, but know she is in a better place now. Our holidays just won’t ever be the same, but we carry with us, the fondest of memories forever in our hearts.  We’re  battling the dreaded illness once again… remission was such a good time while it lasted, but with  each passing day, we remain hopeful.  It’s out of our hands now.  We labored in the garden only to be rewarded with the most fruitful season we’ve had to date since moving here to Maine–it  was an awesome summer for growing.  I’m already making notes for  new  additions to include in this years garden with a meditation/resting bench and butterfly garden.  Can you tell my new Johnny’s Seed catalog arrived earlier this week  😉 and that I’m rambling on far too much here?

So, as Thyme Goes By celebrates it’s second blogoversary today, it seemed a rather nice idea to make a collage of  the 12 most read posts.  The choice was a particularly difficult one I must say–because each photo I take is special in some way to me personally.  The blog has taken on a personality of its own. The gardeners and folks who enjoy walking as much as I do, write to me often, and then there’s the animal lovers, like myself who stop by regularly and often make me laugh out loud at their comments.  You guys know who you are 😉  With three other blogs to maintain, there are days when I just need to decide.. which will be updated today?  By far, this one brings me the most pleasure. It’s become a great venue for me–almost forcing me to slow down just a titch–and it really does believe it or not!  New or old –as I come across shots I want to share with the readers of these pages,  it’s really becoming more difficult to choose which I’ll use. But, I do hope  these virtual pages,  in no particular order–transcend from the photographs, to each word in these posts, that they have all been simply a short moment in life… a very good life indeed.

Thanks for stopping by,  for the comments,  encouraging words and prayers and for keep coming back.  Happy New Year!

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