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Mr Witty Bath Bar

There is something so pleasurable about handmade soaps.  From the entire saponification process, designing a formula, right down to the feel of the bars, the artisan appealing look about them, their creamy oppulent lather, but more importantly knowing exactly what you are using on your skin.

It’s no lye — I am a soapmaker, and darn proud of it.  We’re going into our sixteen year of formulating cold process herbal soaps , and bath bars.  I like to believe all of the above is what was part of the draw to making handmade soaps.  It’s like a blank canvas, once you have the basics down, the world of scent and color and form and function opens up to, allowing limitless combinations.  And then, I send my  products out into the world with a mission.. to treat our customers to a little slice of luxury that will benefit not only their skin–but senses too.

One of the things I like about soapmaking is the types of cold process soaps you can make. Goat milk is one that I really love.. it’s so wonderful for your skin & makes a fine bar of soap. I tend to keep my GM soaps pretty simple.. only adding herbs, veggie powders or spices for colors & use only essential oils in them. I generally use our own fresh goats milk, but some other options are already prepared.. canned & powdered to be reconstituted goat milk. To me.. the natural fats in fresh milk is extraordinary in a bar of soap and yet so gentle on your skin.

Mr Witty

Before we had our own flock of Nigerian dwarfs, I’d get my fresh goat milk from a local goat farmer/breeder friend, Mr Garth Witty. He was quite a character… full of anecdotes and philosophies..and a wonderful conversationlist, well known to most in the area as being a throwback from the 60’s.. a former MIT researcher and brilliant man.. who dropped out of the rat race, for a slower paced new life. To look at him now in his suspendered trowsers, long long mid chest beard and grey pony tailed hair you’d of never guessed. LOL

I just love Garth to bits!! I don’t think there is a more knowledgable man in New England when it comes to raising any bovine creatures that Garth can’t help you with. He has an inner sense around creatures that’s just remarkable. So for farmer’s market this season, we’ll be offering..our Mr.Witty Goat Milk Bath Bar formulated in honor of Mr Witty along with our Lemon Drop ‘Kid’ and Shea Butter and Oatmeal goat milk bars. I just know this would please Garth immencely. I’ll climb on down from my soapbox now 😉



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To quote my Dad, he always said there are two great qualities you should have in this life.



because if you don’t learn to have it — you’ll become one!





having the wisdom to utilize your patience 🙂


Two fine qualities of life

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