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Old Tire Swing

June is busting out all over… Oh, no wait–it’s still March.  But boy, it sure did feel like spring going into summer this past week didn’t it? With temps high in the 80s this week, it was hard not to imagine kayaking days just around the corner.

And while the calendar said it’s just becoming spring, the signs have been here a while now… I had to stand the line at the ice cream parlor the other night.  I guess there’s just something about warmer weather that makes us all want ice cream.( of course, for me any time of the year is just right for ice cream 🙂 And nothing says ‘warm weather is here’ like standing around outdoors in short sleeves…trying to decide which flavor you’ll choose.  In March no less. In Maine even more crazy!  But wait a minute.. this weekend we New Englanders celebrate  maple sugar season traditionally.  What is going on?

The ducks and geese have returned to begin their nesting ritual and frolicking about in local ponds and estuaries. Such a delight to watch.



Bottom's Up

But the new shoots keep popping up everywhere.. I swear they grew three inches a day– the croccus, daffodils and forsythia’s are bursting with  flowers. The johnny-jump-ups are jumping with glee! It’s simply a joy to behold.. I just adore this time of year.



Children are running around wearing flipflops.  The tops were down, on convertibles this week, and I couldn’t help but envy the ones that were driving them, as I drove off  to work. But the best part about this week, aside from finally getting my hands in the dirt and planting was grilling outdoors! Welcome Spring!


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Sometimes, when I am staring out the window of my office, or wandering through the garden past the rows of crops, my mind wanders. I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be a plant.  Maybe you have too from time to time.  What must it be like to be so rooted in the ground?  Strong in wind and rain, wound and woven close to a whole field of friends who are so much like you but not exactly.

Do they sense their closeness to each other? Do they always get along? What would it be like to spread your petals in the sun? Your face turned up to the endless sky. Stretching upward faithfully surrendered to the warming light. Fully open all the day and simply  following the sun from east to west. Drinking in the penetrating rays, and humbly closing without worry for the night. Sometimes I wonder.

And what about them?  What about when you and I pass by? By tractor or by feet. Do they sense us? Making a riffle in the air. A brightly charged cloud of chatter or thought as we stroll by. Do they silently acknowledge “the breathing ones?– Our colorful hair and hats–Our fragrance and gait–Our bright faces in the sun. Can they feel our turmoil or our joy as we pound our boots along the garden paths? Do they feel affection for the beauty of our kind? Each of us so different and unique. As we do them? Now wouldn’t that be pretty remarkable!

And do they sleep peacefully at night and dream of earthworms lightly brushing their dangling roots? Do they worship the falling rain that cleanses in and sinks down to stir the dark mineral stew for those who do not toil? And what about the the bees. Are the flowers excited at their approach? Do they feel the whisper of the vibrating air from beating wings, the rubbing of moving legs that catch the furry pollen and the delicate touch of tiny feet dancing on their sensitive leaves? Do they cherish their being freely blooming even if only for just a season? A few glorious months in the sun? I wonder sometimes, don’t you.

Though they got a wee bit of a late start, my paper whites are finally in flower and sitting pretty here on my desk.  Another season is soon upon us. Longer days and warmer nights. Are you looking forward to it, as much as I am?  Bring on Spring!


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