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Chaos, confusion, “like a war zone”??  On such a historical day here in New England.. Patriots Day, Marathon Monday shattered in violence.  Domestic or foreign?? Does it really matter in the scheme of things??? Terrorism is terrorism!

For the first time in nearly twenty years, I decided not to head into town for the marathon today.  In retrospect now, a wise decision.  But when I heard the first report this afternoon.. my motherly instincts, compounded with fear and panic  went into overdrive.  My children were at the Red Sox game today, my daughter, a runner.. so I knew they’d in all likelihood, be at the finish line as soon as the game ended.

Word finally came.  Thanking god, my youngest is safe!  My thoughts and prayers are with all those  that were impacted by this senseless tragedy in Boston this afternoon–and hoping for a better world.

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So far, the croccus have always come up!  And pussy willows, snowdrops, and rhubarb!  Somebody once asked me why Spring was so special to me.  There are Springs and there are Springs.  The almanac has an official one.  Then, there is the personal Spring.. the unofficial, purely personal one that comes to each of us… sometimes early, sometimes late.

For me, Spring comes when I kneel on the ground, with a trowel in my hand, feel the sun on my back & breathe in that special earthy smell.. that promises warmth, new life and creative ideas.  Welcome Spring!



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