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Blossoming lilacs

Blossoming lilacs

I’ve been really busy in the garden and as most gardeners will agree, Spring is the busiest season of all…but by far, the best! Two of the bluebird houses have hatched out this week–rain and all, we’ve had a new fox visiting in the early daybreak hours, the rhubarb patch is just gorgeous this year, and the  grapevines are all blossoming out.  Most of the veggies are set, and greens I am picking daily.  Only the tender basils, lemon verbena and eggplant are left to plant. I’m waiting out anymore surprise frosts before I set them.   If you want to follow our season in the garden hop on over to Mama’s Giardiniera to see how it progresses.  Don’t you just love this time of year and the lovely lilacs in blossom.


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