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Finally, it’s nearly Spring. I’m saying this with fingers crosses because all of us New Englanders know so well, we can ‘march’ our way right into Spring or take an about face into Winter for another storm or two.. ( or more!) Just when we thought winter was over, Mother Nature has decided that instead of seeing the croccus popping out of the ground on the first day of Spring, she is going to deliver to us a first day of Spring Nor’easter with accumulations of up to a foot in our neck of the woods.

Though the calendar may say spring, on Sunday.. winter won’t be going away quietly for certain.  But the nice part of a spring Nor’easter is that whatever amount of inches of the white stuff we get, it won’t stick around for very long… and may prove to be a nice blanket for the peas I’ve just set. Unlike last winter, I’m back on schedule in the garden this season and for me that means getting the peas into the ground on St Paddy’s day!  As I went about my task I could see the first signs of the season. Only a few spotty patches of snow remained and though muddy, green pastures surrounded me, while last Autumn’s leaves blew aimlessly across the fields. The grapevines and elderberries buds are already plumping up! The tulips, croccus and daffodils are already poking their heads out of the ground and the fall beds of garlic coming along nicely. I’m glad I decided to leave the salt marsh hay over them for another week, with the impending forecast moving in on us.  Once the garden was squared away, my dear friend Bill suggested we head to the local Irish tavern to celebrate the day and fill up on corned beef and cabbage dinner, before we headed to the beach.


Yesterday was a great day here for spring beachcombing. Sunny, bright blue skies and balmy, for this time of year.. 62 degrees. The tides were out and we found ourselves not wanting to come off the beach after our walk. I saw more people on the beach than I had all winter. The harbor seals could be seen playing in the chilly waters at the end of the the channel. The quohog beds were plentiful and from the looks of it, the gulls had a feast fit for a king. Ayup.. shades of spring are clearly on the way… and the Red Sox opening day, just a couple of weeks away!


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