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Hey, it’s tough playing hard all day, ya know 🙂 Our tuckered out, Eli. ❤



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Garden planning….
img_0252Gardening in January? But I just love gardening. Love. Love. Love it! By the end of December I’m usually grateful for a break and because the holiday season takes up so much time with family, friends and business commitments it’s a good respite from weedin’. ( Oh yeah.. and because the ground is often frozen and covered with a couple of inches of that yucky white stuff.)

Yeah, I know it’s freezing out there. But I still planted my leek seeds.  Heck, I was suppose to be stirring 40 pounds of soaps, and had to put the the time to good use right? It’s the one thing that didn’t get into the garden last year, but it will for sure this year. 🙂 Just think, only a few more weeks left til I can play in the real dirt again! And there was still light past 4:30 last night!  Thinking Spring!


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Happy Campers


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Vacation Thyme


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Happy New Year


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