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  My fave part of summer … peach  season! Lucky am I to have dear friends that happen to own an orchard. Into today’s larder will go jars and jars of Ameretto peach jam.  Into today’s oven will go fresh peach galettes and the rest of these drip down your chin, juicy morsels will go into my tummy 🙂







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A reader recently wrote to me asking that this old post, be re-posted, as he couldn’t locate it.. so, for Tim… here you go!

Thyme Goes By...

There are things you learn on a farm.  For one, you learn to love as hard as you can–as much as you can each creature under your care.  Because death is so intricately woven into the movement of farming you learn the need to go on in the face of death.  My best friend phoned last night to let us know she lost her best Jersey cow giving birth 😦  My heart went out to her.  It was her first loss on their farm, and as hard and difficult as this can be, the work of the farm must go on.

Animals still need to be fed.  Barns need to be cleaned.  The goats still need to be milked, even when that fresh memory is getting you down.  The very act of keeping the living alive disallows loss from stopping the work of loving those that remain to be cared…

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The ‘Nubble’


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❤ Thanks so much for my new kitchen helper, Beth! She’s already being put to the task this afternoon, readying for tomorrow’s market day! 🙂


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No farming, no marketplace, no processing! Taking the weekend off to enjoy some solitude.



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