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Before the rains this morn.



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Looks like it’s going to be another perfect garden day. 🙂


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Today sadly, we lost a wonderfully classy, elegant, down to earth and graceful lady in former First Lady, Barbara Bush. 😦 The flag out on Walkers Point at half-staff this evening.

I will miss seeing you enjoying meals at our local restaurants and walking the beaches. Thank you for ordering your “special” orders from me, and for a very memorable round of golf…… and thank you for loving Maine as much as I do, and being so approachable as well as so amazingly kind. What you have done for this state, its children and seniors will live on forever. You will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace, Barbara Bush.



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We broke our 75 year record for the coldest April 15 temps. 😦  Brrrr  Crazy snow, ice, hail & rains. My crocus are so confused! Ugh!


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My niece makes me laugh out loud so often.  After receiving these ducklings for Easter (a family project) she felt bad for them being left outside in their coop last week during our monsoon wind and rains, so indoors they came. She thought they’d be happier taking a dip in the kitchen sink. 🙂  And crazy enough.. they were!


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