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I use to love to travel the world and visiting new places, exploring different cultures, foods, locations and seasons… but I hail Maine as my home state these days. Spending each summer since I took my first walking steps I suppose has a lot to do with my love for Maine… and then there’s the memories, that surely do abound.

It has everything I love… marvelous sunrises, acres and acres of  farmlands, fragrant forests, mountains for hiking and skiing, the ocean, our magnificent rocky coastline and pristine beaches for walking, shelling or just beach combing lazily at your own pace.

I’ve always been an active and outdoorsy kind of person and being surrounded by nature is vital to my happiness.  The seasonal changes gives life a sort of natural flow. Barren, unforgiving winters that test your limits, ( at least they do mine LOL 🙂 then burst into lush springs bringing feelings of renewed optimism… long awaited for. Spring then rolls into long summer days that have you chasing every minute of sun before the leaves begin to change, and then autumn brings a sense of magic, peace, a much slower pace and pumpkin pies.

Right now we are finally heading into our summer days after many weeks of mostly rains, and as a farmer, this year — a challenging approach to sowing and very wet & muddy planting season. Sunny, hot, humid days are here now. And the thing about sunshine is that it can’t be replicated… not really.  The sun must be the single most important part of our food production.  We can add water, some warmth through mulching, we can make the soil healthier with amendments, natural fertilizer and cover crops… but nope, we can’t add sunshine. Sunshine matters.

Here, with less than one week of sun, the corn fields have doubled in size. It had everything it needed, except sun. And it seems like, at least for the minute, we’ve got yet another week ahead of us coming in of more sunshine, which means one thing… I’ll be weeding my brains out! 🙂

Ayup, those persnickety weeds, like the plants have been laying there waiting, getting situated for a situation just like this.  I thought I had the weed situation under control, but if you looked closely… they were right there, just waiting for the sun.  And so, like a one woman pack of wild hoe wielding warriors, guttural screams and a bit of cussing, off-balance gaits ( as my leg cast is still on) I have begun the real task of cleaning the fields, sweeping away the unwanted, and yet rediscovering the great river of agricultural stewardship that’s flowed through most farmers for nearly 20,000 years I’d imagine. My Dad always said, ‘farming isn’t in the planting and harvesting, nature does that well enough on it’s own…. Farming is the tending and re-tending, the care of life, if it’s to go on.’

Enjoy your summer season! I know I will 🙂


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