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Earlier this week, my good friend Steve and I decided to take a road trip and decided to head out to Casco Bay and Chebeague Island.  It was a trip that needed to be taken.  It forced us to slow down a bit and simply relax and enjoy the day and location.  After a short ferry ride from Cousins Island we arrived on Chebeague.

Chebeague Island, Casco Bay

Chebeague Island, Casco Bay

It reminded me much of Monhegan Island, not so much for it’s beauty, but for the time, as it felt had stood still.  After poking around a bit, and checking out the Chebeague Island Inn, we grabbed two bikes ( neither of us had been on one in many a moon) and biked down to Hamilton Beach overlooking Casco Bay and Hamilton Sound.  What a relaxing location.. with a gentle sea breeze and spectaculiar views.  We were there for hours, gabbing up a storm, sharing thoughts an ideas and really good conversation.  I really hated to leave, and then of course we were faced with the challenge of riding those bikes back up the hill  to the ferry landing!

If you are ever in our neck of the woods..  DO visit Casco Bay and all of it’s lovely islands to visit.. they are all well worth the trip!


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