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Anyone that knows me well, knows that my fave seafood dish is scampi… (shrimp scampi). Redundant, I know.. but not many know ‘scampi’ means shrimp… so why do so many restaurants list shrimp shrimp on their list of fares? There’s something to ponder. 🙂

However, when my fave lobsterman bud dropped by with three crustaceans he just hauled in.. I couldn’t refuse, now could I? I don’t think sooo. LOL!  So I bit the bullet and made lobstah linguini scamp instead! Not too shabby a sub. Yummy! ❤ And my lobsterman… one happy camper too!




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Fresh picked rhubarb, the last of the frozen strawberries, just made strawberry rhubarb jam for farmers’ market,  warm Anadama bread right out of the oven… heavenly. 🙂


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With tomorrow’s storm moving in on us.. a long slow-cooked bean soup will be on the menu. Yum! 🙂



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What to do with a plethora of sweet cherry tomatoes.. pickle em! My market customers are going to love these little babies. 🙂 Yumma!


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❤ Thanks so much for my new kitchen helper, Beth! She’s already being put to the task this afternoon, readying for tomorrow’s market day! 🙂


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With our growing season a little later here this year, we’re just now have bundles and bundles of garlic scapes for the picking in the gardens for the next week or two. Yummy, Jimbo!


For those not familiar with scapes…. the garlic scape is the flower shoot that has shot up from the stem of a hardneck garlic bulb when growing. The scapes are slender, bright green, and often twisting and turning in elegant swan-like shapes. Shortly after they appear, which seems to happen almost overnight, it is important to snap them off of the rest of the stem to allow the garlic plant to instead put its energy into growing the garlic bulb, which will be harvested a couple of weeks later.

A favorite of mine, the  scapes have a flavor that is definitely garlic, but much mellower, with hints of herbal summerness. They make a stunning pesto, turning into an outrageously bright green paste that keeps its color when cooked or frozen. I will often just puree garlic scapes with olive oil and freeze in about one cup portions that will keep for several months.

Always on the lookout for new oils and vinegars for homemade salad dressings, this year I made garlic scape infused vinegar. It will still be a week or so before it hits its full potency, but so far so good, and the snaking scapes in the bottles are stunning if nothing else. The vinegar will be beautiful in simple vinaigrettes to dress greens and cucumbers from the garden, and also added to a marinade for grilling meat and seafood, splashed on sauteed chard, collards or kale, or for dunking crusty grilled bread. If your herb garden is overflowing, you can experiment a bit, and try adding a few sprigs of basil, thyme, dill or even a dried chili pepper to the bottle. Or, chop the scapes and add to potato or macaroni salad…  like to grill? Roll those beauties in olive oil and toss them on the grill.. once charred, sprinkle with fresh grated Romano cheese.

And because I have so many of these scapes right now… I decided to make a new jam for farmers market as well.  Simply scrumptious!


Don’t let scape season escape you! You’ll be sorry if you do… don’t grow garlic? No excuse! Get to your nearest farmers market and pick up a handful! 🙂



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Early  October and only a light frost here so far. Everyone is saying it’s been their best garden season in a long time. Dry, hot summer days with lots of watering this year. We were rewarded with a glorious harvest. Today after I finished cleaning out the seasonal beds, and setting next years garlic bed, (yes, Jimbo it’s time) I picked the last of my hot peppers for some of my hot pepper jellies, relishes and  hot sauces.


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