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A grumble….. I don’t know about you, but I’ve kind of had it with the ice, snow, more ice, sub zero temps, frozen pipes & winter!  🙂  so as I was clearing out some files today, thought this photo of an early June spray of warmth might cheer you up.. it did me! Only 42 days til Spring!


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IMG_0057Well, it’s official… I finally finished up down at the farm for this year. It sort of killed me to pull the remaining zinnias, cosmos, and coneflowers. I’m going to miss having my vases filled with fresh  cut flowers 😦  for the next endless few months.


I suppose I always have mixed feelings around this time of year when I’m closing up everything for the season, but the memories of a fantastic growing season remain in my mind, and the trials and tribulations with this year moving to my new farm, even moreso! LOL But that part is behind me now… next years garlic beds and spinach bed good to go. This morning I buttoned it up, mulching  all in just harvested salt marsh hay– a final tilling and top dressed the rest of the fields with cow manure seaweed compost to work it’s magic over the winter.  I even spotted my buddy this morning briefly and wished him well, until next April.


Tomorrow, in the herb garden, the last of the rosemary, sage and thyme will be harvested for a few winter remedies that I like to keep on hand. All in all, a great season! Boy, thyme does go by….. winter well.


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One of the things I’ll miss in my garden, with the cooler days moving in…the daily shots!




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Red sky at night, a sailors’ delight.  Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.


This mornings sunrise… a blaze of red, so after my walk, I hurried to the farm to pick these blaze of reds before the skies opened up, spoiling them. The contrasting colors seemed fitting for this mornings sunrise.


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