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Another gorgeous beach day!  Jonah’s just chillin after a hard game of fetch! ❤




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The beach rose is as common as sea grass along our coast in June and probably photographed as much as our lighthouses along our rocky coastline, too. I think what I love the most about them is their ruggedness– and their ability to withstand our ever changing weather patterns, from gale winds, to our ongoing ocean spray — not to mention how brutal our winters can be here. They can and do endure whatever conditional elements Mother Nature throws at them. Now that’s stamina for you!

Truth be known—they lure you in, especially our many visitors… who don’t have a clue as to what’s about to hit them.  You are drawn to this lovely flower, it’s striking color and leaf form… but then that heavenly essence simply finishes you off and reels you in! I kid you not! 🙂 I absolutely love the intoxicating essence of our beach roses. ❤ Talk about addicting… these beauties sincerely are!


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I’ve been a collector of sand dollars for as far back as I can remember. All shapes and sizes. All shades of colors, from chocolate brown alive, to slate gray to bleached out white, or ecru in color from the clam flats.  From Maine, to the gulf coast of Florida, to the Carolina’s. In the water, alive… and dead basking along the shores. They’re just treasures to me to find. Mystical, fragile and historical and simply lovely.

But no matter where I’ve collected them… by far my fave spot is out on Goose Rocks. So after our storm blew out to sea yesterday I went on my walk and collected more of my treasures from the sea, until the sun began to rise.




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The  Clock Farm

The Clock Farm

Hold on– did a decade, or two just pass me by?  Uh? What exactly did I do with the last year? Or this past week for that matter. It did.  Somewhere between life, work and the everyday things we all do, someone must have hit the fast-forward   button.  Time may march, or ebb  or fly, or simply just creep on by us, but for me it’s simply escaped me. But today, it was  a very different one for me… I reconnected with dear old friends that  I hadn’t seen in what we calculated…over twenty years. And we’ve known each other for better than sixty..but who’s counting?

We shared tea and recalled many of the ‘old days’, re-visited old photographs and tried to  catch up on everyone’s lives.  What a fun afternoon it was!  Thanks so much Marylou and Lissa for reminiscing and such a nice visit back at the Clock Farm.  I promise…it won’t be another twenty before we visit again.

Happy and healthy New Year all!

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