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Best email to receive ❤ LOL ( Liam now eight has his own email acct.. and I ❤ ❤ ❤ when he pops in on me with his notes!) While visiting last week here, he told me that he is soon to get his own cell phone too, “so I can text my girlfriend” (!!!) (even though he already has an iPad to text with– “but it’s not the same, Gram” LOL LOL –kids!


“Hi Grandma, we’re coming to your house next week. I love you 😘❤️”

“Oh boy! 😘❤️😘 I love you too cutiepie! See you next week. Xox”


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Lunch was on the house yesterday, when one of the girls got into the cornfield 🙂


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Guess what contest this little guy won? One happy camper. 🙂


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Does this mean I’ll be double lucky today? Not one, but two double yolkers this morn! 


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Anyone that knows me well, knows that my fave seafood dish is scampi… (shrimp scampi). Redundant, I know.. but not many know ‘scampi’ means shrimp… so why do so many restaurants list shrimp shrimp on their list of fares? There’s something to ponder. 🙂

However, when my fave lobsterman bud dropped by with three crustaceans he just hauled in.. I couldn’t refuse, now could I? I don’t think sooo. LOL!  So I bit the bullet and made lobstah linguini scamp instead! Not too shabby a sub. Yummy! ❤ And my lobsterman… one happy camper too!



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We are just loving our newest eco-friendly gadgets–our new power mowers. Earth friendly, conserving energy, cruelty-free, with zero waste… well, discounting the manure that’ll naturally fertilize the fields. 🙂 A win, win for all.


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