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Anyone that knows me well, knows that my fave seafood dish is scampi… (shrimp scampi). Redundant, I know.. but not many know ‘scampi’ means shrimp… so why do so many restaurants list shrimp shrimp on their list of fares? There’s something to ponder. 🙂

However, when my fave lobsterman bud dropped by with three crustaceans he just hauled in.. I couldn’t refuse, now could I? I don’t think sooo. LOL!  So I bit the bullet and made lobstah linguini scamp instead! Not too shabby a sub. Yummy! ❤ And my lobsterman… one happy camper too!



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We are just loving our newest eco-friendly gadgets–our new power mowers. Earth friendly, conserving energy, cruelty-free, with zero waste… well, discounting the manure that’ll naturally fertilize the fields. 🙂 A win, win for all.


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My niece makes me laugh out loud so often.  After receiving these ducklings for Easter (a family project) she felt bad for them being left outside in their coop last week during our monsoon wind and rains, so indoors they came. She thought they’d be happier taking a dip in the kitchen sink. 🙂  And crazy enough.. they were!


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…….. and the cow jumped over the moon.


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With the falling of 22 more inches of new fallen snow today, ugh… I was reminded of this post and how much our guys (not the princess, though) just loved a good snow storm. 🙂




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Can you say happy camper?? 🙂  Well I can!!! LOL What an absolutely gorgeous day.. mud and all!!  Guess who’ll be firing up the grill tonite! Ayup.. me!


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