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Fewer than seasons past, but more than enough to make many jars of cranberry sauce, cranberry jalapeño jam, and fill my freezer for my winter baking and cooking needs. Yum! I just love having a nearby cranberry bog right here in Kennebunk.

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Market Specials

Summer in Maine means its Farmer’s Market time! I anxiously await the Opening Day for each market with that first-day-of-school anticipation. I love the Marketplaces’ milieu—the people that come, the venders I call friends. It’s a place where I can make “hay while the haying is’ good”.

At one market, I can smell fresh lamb and pork sausages wafting on a mid summer breeze. At another, it’s feeling the electrifying excitement generated by the market’s very presence, being long awaited and most welcomed by its community. At the third, it’s the sound of laughter, folks sharing conversation, gardening tips, menu’s and words of hope. It is at this market that I hear one laugh above all the others—a laugh so hardy, and so deep– it booms; and inside, I laugh too.

In the summer, the Markets are a place where families come—some teetering on inexperienced legs, some seasoned; some come together as mother and daughter, some as a crew.  The dogs all come with their owners in a plethora of colors, breeds, and sizes; and I watch in amazement the resemblance between dog and owner, observing the interactions of all.  I learn a great deal at my markets, like how Brussels sprouts grow, and how to tell the difference between a male and a female lobster by just looking at them. Then there’s the sharing of market trends and news, of the good sales days and the slow, and of battling wind and rain and sometimes, even an early snow.

The beauty of Maine, summer or winter, from her shores to her mountains to her lakes is unequivocal. However, the beauty of Maine’s people and farmers and the fruits of their labor are in bloom at Maine’s summertime Farmer’s Markets. Please support your local farmers–and shop locally.

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New England Harvest

I love the colors of Autumn.. crimson reds, sparkling golds, brilliant orange and rusts.  Jack Frost will be nipping at our toes before we know it–but until then, get out and enjoy the spectaculiar foliage, or head to your nearest farmers market and pick up a peck of apples, pumpkins, squash or native Maine cranberries.

This weekend Kennebunk will be celebrating the Applefest & Art Show.  Scrumptious samples, recipes, musicians and fabulous artwork. Hope to see you there!

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I just love being a vendor at my farmers markets.  I belong to three of them. I love the hustle and bustle of the crowds, gabbing with visitors that visit our neck of the woods each summer — as well as the regulars. This past weekend was no exception..  the Kennebunk market is my favorite for a variety of reasons, partly for the commraderie of 33 vendors, and another– because it is so pro four legged visitors.  Yup, every Saturday we have such an array of pooches visiting the market.  Some belong to vendors, others just passersby, and still others that get in line with their owners to pick up the freshest organic produce, baked goods and seasonal fresh fruits  of the day, as well as someones herbal soaps.  *Shameless plug  LOL  The only day of the season we ask folks to leave their furry friends at home is on Chicken Coop day —  it really upsets the girls and we can’t have them not laying their fresh eggs now can we?

We also have many summer events at our market –Spring Has Sprung Day,  Farm Day, Chicken Coop Day,  Spinners & Fibre Day, Tomato Tasting Day and last of all  Best Apple Day.  I’m going to suggest a Salsa Saturday  for next year!  Wouldn’t that be neat?

For the past few weeks one of our vendors has had standing room only space in their line.  Their product?  Peaches — glorius peaches. You know the kind — when you take that first bite into them and that luscious nectar dribbles down to your chin and you just can’t wait to dive right in for your next bite?  LOL  THESE are the peaches I’ve described.  Market opens at 8 am.  We vendors begin setting up at 6am.  During peach season, customers begin lining up at 7am to make sure they won’t miss out!  And sadly, some do.  Ann & Howard bring to market only the best of fruits, from early season strawberries, to blueberries, to peaches, nectarines and apples.. along with many selections of Ann’s wonderful homemade pies, jams and jellies. They bring with them each week so far of peach season, between 250-500 pounds of peaches. That’s alotta peaches!  As Howard so aptly puts it, this is what we do now that we are ‘retired’ .Their booth is right next door to mine and I just love to see the expressions on all the folks that wait so patiently in the line  to place their orders.  This year we even needed to rope off an entrance lane there were so many customers.  You can almost see some of these women’s wheels spinning– planning out what they will make with their scrumptious golden jewels.  Lucky for me I’m a vendor, because Annie will fill our orders firstly before her regular customers, so some Saturday mornings it’s really worth rolling out of bed at 4:30am anticipating what fruits of the day will await you when you arrive.  🙂  We are now into week four of peachy season and so far I have made a blueberry peach galettes, peach morning muffins, peach custard tart, amaretto peach brandy along with forty-eight jars of assorted peach jams.  I think I really missed the boat not making some peach soaps! But that’s another story.  LOL  We’re in the process of expanding our market next year, as we acquired some newfound space.. so I suggested we name the new street — Peach Tree Row!

Peachy day at Kennebunk farmers market

As the line progresses I get a birdseye view of so many four legged friends that I couldn’t resist putting together a shot of the regulars seen at market. They wait as patiently as their owners in line for their turn.

Dog days of summer at market

Well this Saturday was no exception at market, another seasonal special event — Tomato Tasting Day.  With last years awful blight we experienced here in our neck of the woods, we were hard pressed to even come up with tomatoes for the public to sample, judge and vote upon.  But this year.. uhuh– it’s been a glorious growing season, though we really could use some rain–no farmer is complaining, especially me.  My freezer is full, my cupboards are well stocked with canned veggies, tomato sauces, jellies and jams.

What a beautiful array of color, flavor, shapes and types we offered for sampling.  Most of the customers were in awe of the selections.  Four finished  recipes were brought for many to sample– most to have disappeared by 10 am–such a great turnout!  That’s another thing I really love about the Kennebunk market — community participation and endorsement.  It’s really a nice feeling knowing the community is all for us being there each week, and how generously they support our endeavors.  Remarkable really.

Kennebunk's Tomato Tasting Day at Farmers Market

Where is your farmers market and  do you support your local  market?  I surely hope so!  Please leave a link, as I just love visiting other markets across the country.

Remember -- No Farms - No Food

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