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Hooray! News from Vacationland! We’re making headway! After eight weeks of mandated in-house quarantine, the Wells Beach has officially re-opened.. but only to swimmers, surfers, walkers and fishermen. No sunbathing is allowed, nor sitting on the beach 😦 while safe distancing is still in effect… as well as common sense I would hope! This ruling makes it pretty difficult for our many seniors, handicapped or compromised folks …. sighing. 😦

For me personally… I wish someone could kindly explain how the act of sitting on a beach blanket, beach chair or to sit under an umbrella relaxing, constitutes a higher risk of contracting/spreading this awful virus. Anyone?… especially for our senior retirees, compromised or handicapped. Our beach is eight miles long!! More than enough room to spread out!

Ogunquit Beach and the Marginal Way remain closed! York Beaches and Kennebunkport Beaches will be decided upon this evening if they will re-open or not. Keeping my fingers crossed. If they do not open, it will become bedlam for the Town of Wells.

😦 😦 Many businesses, hoteliers and restaurateurs dependent on tourism here, are deeply concerned… with very good reason. Mainstay businesses that have been here for over 50 years cannot survive if our beaches remain closed. Our beautiful beaches are the reason so many come to visit each year! The local officials are concerned about safety. We are all concerned for the safety of our locals, as well as our abundant visitors, and clearly should be a priority at this point with new Covid cases still on the rise daily in all of our abutting states here.

If only people would abide to a few basic guidelines as suggested by the CDC and our state governors office, safe re-openings and full usage of our beautiful beaches could be easily achieved and restored…. but so far we’re simply not seeing this happening, and as we haven’t the manpower to enforce basic rules, sadly 😦 they will remain closed. C’mon people.. use some common sense! Enough said!

I’m just thoroughly happy to once again be able to greet the sunrise again each morning! 🙂

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Another gorgeous beach day!  Jonah’s just chillin after a hard game of fetch! ❤



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We’re so lucky to be able to get fresh, locally grown cranberries at Old Gray Beaver Bog…. Christmas Jam, Cranberry Merlot Jam, Cranberry Jalapeño Jam and fresh Cranberry Sauce..done. And even better, now labeled! Thank you early  Santa for my new printer, 🙂 Yeehaw!



You can’t get much more local than this! Maine Port Wine, Maine (Kennebunk) cranberries, our own organic berries and holiday spices.

Made a triple batch of Vintage Garden Berry Christmas Jam this morning. Now that farmers market is done for the season, I’m gearing up for the holiday shows!

Come by and join us for the festive Kennebunkport Christmas Prelude or the wonderful Ogunquit’s Christmas By the Sea.

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The official tree lighting — kicking off all of the annual holiday festivities


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I’ve been a collector of sand dollars for as far back as I can remember. All shapes and sizes. All shades of colors, from chocolate brown alive, to slate gray to bleached out white, or ecru in color from the clam flats.  From Maine, to the gulf coast of Florida, to the Carolina’s. In the water, alive… and dead basking along the shores. They’re just treasures to me to find. Mystical, fragile and historical and simply lovely.

But no matter where I’ve collected them… by far my fave spot is out on Goose Rocks. So after our storm blew out to sea yesterday I went on my walk and collected more of my treasures from the sea, until the sun began to rise.




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It’s Christmas Prelude here this week and next, and for the first time in ten years, I won’t be peddling my wares… doctors orders 😦 but, last night a dear friend and I wouldn’t miss the tree lighting and caroling to kick off Prelude season. What a fabulous turn out and lovely celebration of the season… the only thing missing was the white stuff.  But you won’t hear me complaining! 🙂  Will you look at all those smart phones snapping away.





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Come and find the quiet center in the crowded life we lead, find the room for hope to enter, find the frame where we are freed.  Clear the chaos and the clutter, clear our eyes that we can see all the things that really matter, be at peace, and simply be.

Holiday Peace

Cape Porpoise, Maine ~~Tree Lighting Ceremony


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Photo Shoot--Goose Rocks Beach

Photo Shoot–Goose Rocks Beach

Like a throw back in thyme……  I happened upon a photo shoot while walking the beach this week.


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