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But Ma.. SHE started it!

In memory of Jackson

Jackson & Funnyface… inseparable best buddies

Jackson was our oldest golden and in another lifetime I’m certain he was a Mom. He had the most wonderful disposition–nothing ever rattled him. Not what I’d call a watchdog–at worst he’d wag you to death with his tail. And nearly all the critters on our farm were practically raised by him, be it kittens, orphaned lambs, bottle fed kids, day old chicks or the baby ducklings.

One spring night we had a delivery of kittens from a young first time mother, that didn’t want to have any part of mothering. She’d rather be out running in the fields or mousing up in the barn loft. And we also had one other great mother kitty–Funnyface, that was simply a natural. Jackson watched and listened for two hours to the hungry crying neglected newborn litter and then decided to act. It’s a good thing golden retrievers are born with soft palates, so as not to damage their catch when field hunting.

We watched him remove each of the six newborns and gently tuck them all, one by one into Funnyface’s basket alongside her own two week old kittens. It was love at first sight. She took them in and raised them as her own.. If it weren’t for Jackson they surely wouldn’t have survived. Remarkably enough, a month later, the young mother kitty resumed her responsibilities– so now everyone was pretty content and we no longer had any supply & demand shortages of milk.

Snug as bugs in a rug.. and all were adopted.
Watchful Mom

Jackson was always drawn to the young–and they to him. I think overseeing all the critters on our farm kept him young. He was fourteen years old when he crossed over to Rainbow Bridge and had lived a full and very good life… and we were blessed to have him fill ours – but moreso, he was such a gentle giant… and a really good boy. ❤

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Hooray! News from Vacationland! We’re making headway! After eight weeks of mandated in-house quarantine, the Wells Beach has officially re-opened.. but only to swimmers, surfers, walkers and fishermen. No sunbathing is allowed, nor sitting on the beach 😦 while safe distancing is still in effect… as well as common sense I would hope! This ruling makes it pretty difficult for our many seniors, handicapped or compromised folks …. sighing. 😦

For me personally… I wish someone could kindly explain how the act of sitting on a beach blanket, beach chair or to sit under an umbrella relaxing, constitutes a higher risk of contracting/spreading this awful virus. Anyone?… especially for our senior retirees, compromised or handicapped. Our beach is eight miles long!! More than enough room to spread out!

Ogunquit Beach and the Marginal Way remain closed! York Beaches and Kennebunkport Beaches will be decided upon this evening if they will re-open or not. Keeping my fingers crossed. If they do not open, it will become bedlam for the Town of Wells.

😦 😦 Many businesses, hoteliers and restaurateurs dependent on tourism here, are deeply concerned… with very good reason. Mainstay businesses that have been here for over 50 years cannot survive if our beaches remain closed. Our beautiful beaches are the reason so many come to visit each year! The local officials are concerned about safety. We are all concerned for the safety of our locals, as well as our abundant visitors, and clearly should be a priority at this point with new Covid cases still on the rise daily in all of our abutting states here.

If only people would abide to a few basic guidelines as suggested by the CDC and our state governors office, safe re-openings and full usage of our beautiful beaches could be easily achieved and restored…. but so far we’re simply not seeing this happening, and as we haven’t the manpower to enforce basic rules, sadly 😦 they will remain closed. C’mon people.. use some common sense! Enough said!

I’m just thoroughly happy to once again be able to greet the sunrise again each morning! 🙂

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Listen, my children, and you shall hear,

of the midnight ride, of Paul Revere.


Patriot’s Day commemorates the battles of Concord and Lexington, which were fought near Boston in 1775. Annual celebration is typically held on the third Monday of April.

Paul Revere is among the patriots who are remembered on Patriot’s Day. The American silversmith is known for his famous ride and cry…. ‘the British are coming’ …. spreading the word of the Boston Tea Party to New York and Philadelphia and for warning the Lexington Minutemen about the British Invasion in 1775, that began the American Revolution.



While normal activities such as parades, re-inactments and the Boston Marathon typically take place today, instead… we will look back and recognize this day in 2020 as a day of strength as we stand together apart, while remembering this famous day, remaining home and staying safe.

In my lifetime, I cannot recall a year where this important day in history was not celebrated here 😦 and pray that next year we may once again resume this remembrance.

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Happy Easter ~ Buona Pasqua

A much different Easter this year for most of us, but my familia made the best of it. 😉

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Good morning from Maine. Check out those snow clouds. Yup… so says the weather app. Hopefully it will change over to rain later in the day, because I refuse to shovel anymore snow this year!! 🙂 So how is everyone doing?

Of this, I can be fairly certain…. we are all in the same boat, some just have better seats than others. Hang in there, hunker down and we will get through this.

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I hadn’t planned to write this post. But then no one planned to be using words like “social-distancing” or seeing the world panic-buying toilet paper and hand sanitizers, either. These are strange times. Many of us suddenly have more time than we know what to do with. I am safe at home here in southern Maine, but like the rest of you, we’re all worried about family and friends, and a little uncertain about just how long we’ll have to ride out the pandemic.

Weather permitting, I’m still reaching out to the sunrise each morning on my daily walk. But the rest of my routinely busy days have surely been altered, though manageable. But then this morning, as I caught the morning news, it was disturbing to watch the shots and videos of Italy with emptied byways and streets. Not a soul around. 😦 Though my heart goes out to them all, I couldn’t but help wonder what’s ahead for us here in the states, even here in rural Maine.

I hope wherever you are, you are also safe and finding a way to get through this with courage and hope.. and hopefully much common sense. Be safe.

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My top twelve for 2019. My loved ones and my creative side came out. A year of discovery, new traditions, letting go, and new beginnings for me and everyone around me. Bring on 2020! I’m ready for you! Lol

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From my own Elf on a shelf – – this morning’s text. 😦

” I’m not feeling well, Gram. I can not go to school today”.

( Checked with Mama ) … ” yes, true. FaceTime him. He’s gonna be bored”.

( It’s gonna be one long day, I suspect) LOL LOL! Feel better pumpkin pie ❤

Welcome to my world! 🙂

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