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❤ Love you and miss you every single day, Dad. Happy Father’s Day!



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She had nine lives.. and then some, in her almost 21 years on this earth. She had a very full life, a much loved life and will be missed dearly. Rest easy now sweet Spencie.. Give Jackson, Duff & Ms Molly a hug for me as you cross over Rainbow Bridge. You were all meant to be together, forever… enjoy the heavens as you enjoyed the earth. ❤


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The month of May consumes me with such joy. It’s the busiest month of the year for me with readying the farm, preparing for farmers market, and life in general. It’s what I wait ( though impatiently 🙂 all winter long for!) I suppose being a May Day baby has its perks… but how could anyone not pause when seeing these wonders of nature.


We finally saw some rain, and with it, everything just popped up and out of the ground it seems overnight. It’s during this time I will put the farm, and responsibilities on hold, (and not feel guilty for a moment) simply to capture and visit the beautiful surrounding of woodlands and my home gardens. The season is so short.. I know I’d regret it, if I missed this precious time.


It’s hard to say which I love the most, because many hold a personal history, or remembrance or a meaningful time in my life. Others, I simply just enjoy their form, colors and humble, though striking stature. But in my mind, they all bring me back to my woodland gardens on our beloved farm.


The trilliums are striking this year. The Solomon’s seal, Lady slippers, Blood root, May apple, Bleeding hearts, Lily-of-the valley,  Black cohosh, Wood violets, Colombine, Hepatica, Elderflower,  Purple loosestrife, Claytonia, Marsh marigolds and Jack-in-the-pulpit… steadfast in their role in Mother Nature’s master plan, in spite of our worst winters–to endure and continue to go on. Maybe this is why I love them all so very much; their dedication, stamina and purposefulness in this world.


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Peaceful calm, solitude, a day to be enjoyed–May Day 🙂


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Today sadly, we lost a wonderfully classy, elegant, down to earth and graceful lady in former First Lady, Barbara Bush. 😦 The flag out on Walkers Point at half-staff this evening.

I will miss seeing you enjoying meals at our local restaurants and walking the beaches. Thank you for ordering your “special” orders from me, and for a very memorable round of golf…… and thank you for loving Maine as much as I do, and being so approachable as well as so amazingly kind. What you have done for this state, its children and seniors will live on forever. You will be sorely missed. Rest In Peace, Barbara Bush.



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We broke our 75 year record for the coldest April 15 temps. 😦  Brrrr  Crazy snow, ice, hail & rains. My crocus are so confused! Ugh!


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With the falling of 22 more inches of new fallen snow today, ugh… I was reminded of this post and how much our guys (not the princess, though) just loved a good snow storm. 🙂




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