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Geez, it feels like it’s been raining forever! But on this first day of summer.. our forecasters are predicting a splendid sun shiny, dry weekend! Yippee!







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Year after year, just as the peonies are bursting open.. it rains, spoiling the lovely profusion of colors. Not this year though.. hooray! Perfect peonies.




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I’ll never forget my first encounter with a lady slipper.  I was playing hide and seek with my buddies on my grandfather’s farm. I remember running up a dirt hill in the deep pines and then racing down the opposite side to find the best spot to hide, but I was instead to be stopped dead in my tracks when I reached the bottom. What was this odd looking plant? We didn’t have these in our yard, at least none I’d ever seen.  At the end of the day of outdoor fun, as we sat down to Grampie’s dinner table I told everyone what I’d seen and asked what it was.  My grandfather spoke right up.. “it seems you’ve found the lady slipper patch” he said.  And then went on to say, “ that is one of the only flowers you must never disturb.. it’s against the law to pick them”. I nodded my head listening intently as he spoke of this lovely, yet unusual plant.. but in my mind I wondered? Do they have sheriff’s hiding in the woods ready to pounce and arrest the lady slipper touching culprits?? LOL Of course, I never said this to Gramps though!

Many, many years later when we bought our farm, I was pleasantly surprised when out walking in our pine grove in late May, a profusion of these lovely plants.  All pink, with only one lone yellow slipper.  Finding them made me smile with fond remembrances of years gone by and my Gramp’s farm and finding my first Lady slippers. Alone, they are unique.. in clusters.. simply striking, and as the breeze blew through our grove — hundreds of pink pouches bobbed gently… an incredible sight!


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The only thing suited for these wet, drizzly foggy days we’re seeing is the skunk cabbage.  It’s coming up now along the woodland paths and along the marshlands with zeal.



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Earth Day. It’s here! Be thoughtful, be mindful. It is our home! Being old enough to have participated in the first Earth Day back in 1970, it is so obvious that we all need to do better, pay more attention, do our part no matter how small. A planet is a terrible thing to waste.


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The Spring Equinox brings a promise of winter’s end & warmer days ahead. Happy First Day of Spring!! Yippee!! 💐


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Room for rent.. with a view. 🙂  Eight more days.. woohoo… Spring


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