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The month of May consumes me with such joy. It’s the busiest month of the year for me with readying the farm, preparing for farmers market, and life in general. It’s what I wait ( though impatiently 🙂 all winter long for!) I suppose being a May Day baby has its perks… but how could anyone not pause when seeing these wonders of nature.


We finally saw some rain, and with it, everything just popped up and out of the ground it seems overnight. It’s during this time I will put the farm, and responsibilities on hold, (and not feel guilty for a moment) simply to capture and visit the beautiful surrounding of woodlands and my home gardens. The season is so short.. I know I’d regret it, if I missed this precious time.


It’s hard to say which I love the most, because many hold a personal history, or remembrance or a meaningful time in my life. Others, I simply just enjoy their form, colors and humble, though striking stature. But in my mind, they all bring me back to my woodland gardens on our beloved farm.


The trilliums are striking this year. The Solomon’s seal, Lady slippers, Blood root, May apple, Bleeding hearts, Lily-of-the valley,  Black cohosh, Wood violets, Colombine, Hepatica, Elderflower,  Purple loosestrife, Claytonia, Marsh marigolds and Jack-in-the-pulpit… steadfast in their role in Mother Nature’s master plan, in spite of our worst winters–to endure and continue to go on. Maybe this is why I love them all so very much; their dedication, stamina and purposefulness in this world.


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….. of snow, hopefully!!


The sun was warm but the wind was still chilly. You know how it is with an April day… anything’s possible, and as a New Englander, I know, not to count on anything, but then hope steps up to bat, assuring me that warmer, and brighter days are just around the corner.

Mother nature decided to envelope us with our final blanket of the white stuff this week, just as I got my peas, and spinach sown in the garden. My Easter flowers that were just set out in the garden–shell shocked! Grrr…… But the nicest part of an April snow here, is that it doesn’t last for too long, and as it melts away, the pain of it’s arrival will then naturally irrigate the newly seeded beds.


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Half way through winter and the syrup is running well at our friends Maple Moon sugarhouse. Only 45 days left til Spring! 🙂



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The official tree lighting — kicking off all of the annual holiday festivities


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