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From a FB post I received earlier this week.

‘7 black and white photos of your life… no humans, no explanations.’

So, as I seldom post my black and whites on this blog..

day 2

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Took a lovely trip up to the Kancamagus Highway this past weekend. I haven’t been a leaf peeper in many a year, being surrounded right here with our Autumn splendor..

Just a spur of the moment mini trip.. and I wasn’t disappointed. Still plenty of color along the 30 plus gorgeous mile stretch, that seldom disappoints. No gas, no houses, no stores. Only miles and miles of windswept wilderness, an enchanting land with adventure and surprise behind every twist and turn and shadow.

Only a little light drizzle early one morning as I walked.. the rest… sunny and powdery blue skies.. a perfect backdrop for this colorful byway. It’s easy too see why it’s been voted as one of the five most picturesque byways in America.. especially during our foliage season.

And my final destination.. the Mountain View Grand Resort… just a perfect ending for a great getaway weekend.

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The first of October, with it’s chill in the air can mean only one thing– pumpkin season! Spent the weekend down in Boston and popped into Wilson Farm for some delicious treats. ❤ their display! Best I’ve ever seen!

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GO Bruins!!  Bring that cup home!!!


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I’ll never forget my first encounter with a lady slipper.  I was playing hide and seek with my buddies on my grandfather’s farm. I remember running up a dirt hill in the deep pines and then racing down the opposite side to find the best spot to hide, but I was instead to be stopped dead in my tracks when I reached the bottom. What was this odd looking plant? We didn’t have these in our yard, at least none I’d ever seen.  At the end of the day of outdoor fun, as we sat down to Grampie’s dinner table I told everyone what I’d seen and asked what it was.  My grandfather spoke right up.. “it seems you’ve found the lady slipper patch” he said.  And then went on to say, “ that is one of the only flowers you must never disturb.. it’s against the law to pick them”. I nodded my head listening intently as he spoke of this lovely, yet unusual plant.. but in my mind I wondered? Do they have sheriff’s hiding in the woods ready to pounce and arrest the lady slipper touching culprits?? LOL Of course, I never said this to Gramps though!

Many, many years later when we bought our farm, I was pleasantly surprised when out walking in our pine grove in late May, a profusion of these lovely plants.  All pink, with only one lone yellow slipper.  Finding them made me smile with fond remembrances of years gone by and my Gramp’s farm and finding my first Lady slippers. Alone, they are unique.. in clusters.. simply striking, and as the breeze blew through our grove — hundreds of pink pouches bobbed gently… an incredible sight!


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Room for rent.. with a view. 🙂  Eight more days.. woohoo… Spring


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I think bird watchers will agree anytime you spot an owl is a good day.  But for me spotting my first snowy owl of the season was a real hoot and a great day!


Most years, at least some snowy owls fly south from their arctic breeding grounds to spend the white season here in New England, and found ~~ (if you’re lucky enough) in their favorite habitats…. coastal marshes or open country, and often near saltwater. As I’m generally out there walking along the beaches and marsh daily during the winter, I’m always on the lookout for this wonderful bird. I’ve only ever been lucky four other times in past seasons, so spotting one for me is a real treasure.

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