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Big puffy flakes tumbling down this morning.. shouldn’t amount to much.

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It’s that time of year again when many of the locals ready for the little goblins, trick or treat night. Actually, it’s gone so far that it’s a voted upon annual tradition here.

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Yesterday was another glorious beach day here. Our off season can be real treasures. Spotted this UFO flying over main beach.

… and this little cutie pie dipping her toes in the ocean probably for the last time this year. she was just so happy with herself!

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In addition to the bazillion tourists in town this weekend.. boy, what one 82 degree day will bring here! 🙂  My boys surprised me and are back in town to kick off the summer fun! ❤ What a great surprise… I’ve been missing them so much! But The Anchorage By the Sea  will never be the same!  LOL


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Happy Halloween! Around our neck of the woods, the locals go all out decorating for this holiday. Seen around town.




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We have the sexiest, hunks of men on our lifeguard/rescue squad here. 🙂 But then, I’m a wee bit partial LOL!



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