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… Zucchini, summer squash, patty pans!  Now I’ll need to come up with some new recipes to use them all up before these babies head to torpedodom ( is that really a word?) LOL!  How many possible recipes can there be for zucchini anyway?  Baked, sautéed, stuffed, steamed, pickled, hidden in mock apple pies, sweet breads, muffins,  relishes, and even jams. I can’t think of another thing to do with them all! But I just love finding that blossom first thing in the morning.  Funniest remark I get at market in early October… “ you’re all out of zucchini?”. 🙂


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In addition to the bazillion tourists in town this weekend.. boy, what one 82 degree day will bring here! 🙂  My boys surprised me and are back in town to kick off the summer fun! ❤ What a great surprise… I’ve been missing them so much! But The Anchorage By the Sea  will never be the same!  LOL


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Stunning Sunrise



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First peppers of 2019!  Next up, rosemary  cuttings 🙂  Only 66 days til Spring!


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What are we remembering? We remember that by the signing of the Armistice at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 marking the end of World War I, more than 20 million from over 26 countries were dead.

When you see the simple and humble poppy, think about the sacrifice of ALL the veterans, from all branches of service, who have come before you and the ones that will follow. Though poppies grow, we should not sleep. We should remain vigilant and always remember… On this Veterans Day, take a two minute moment of silence at 11 a.m. as a sign of respect for all those unsung heroes we have lost.

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Old gardening wisdom says that you should plant garlic on the shortest day and harvest it on the longest. It’s not a bad way of remembering the rough pattern of growth – but, in fact, planting garlic a little earlier will give it a head start before the really cold weather arrives. So yesterday, I set next seasons garlic crop. Yes, Jimbo.. it’s that time to get planting. 


In theory, garlic can also be planted in spring, but the yields will be about half that of autumn-sown garlic. October may feel like an odd time to start a crop so associated with heat and the Mediterranean, but planting now allows it to put down roots and send up its sturdy, winter-defying shoots early, ready to make the most of next year’s toasty warm season… something I’m already looking forward to 🙂 


Just break the bulbs apart just before planting and push cloves into the ground pointy end up, about 4 inches deep.  Add a bit of composted manure, set your markers of the variety you’ve planted, cover and you’re good to go! These will be up about six inches before our snow flies. And mulching with straw and good compost can really help to buffer the plants against winter weather, and improve yields when next summer harvest time comes around.




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One of my fave flowers in the late season garden. Can you guess why?



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Zinnia’s!! My fave annual in the garden.


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The Beet Goes On

Made for a gardening friend.

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After farmers market on Wednesday, I headed south to an old friends farm in N.H. for a visit and do some kayaking around the lake she lives on. Oh yeah, I’ve been known to give up my pristine ocean kayaking to a lake for the sake of friendship from time to time 🙂 LOL The water was like glass and I enjoyed paddling around exploring the nooks and crannies and it’s wildlife, loons, and baby sunning turtles. Spotted one painted turtle, but he was too quick for me to capture. It was so peaceful out there… though I couldn’t help but to keep an eye out for my regular kayaking buds, the porpoise and harbor seals, I’m more accustomed to paddling around with 🙂 Old habits are hard to break. LOL  At  one point we veered off a while to check out a tiny creek when we came upon this expanse of the first water lilies I have seen in years! And what I remember of them in bygone days was that most were white, yellow or pale pink, but this deep pink one was the only one I saw.  What I remember clearly as a youngster was wading in a lily pond to catch jug-o-rums and the funny sound they made when we released them.. or rather they released themselves and leapt out of our hands so quickly, alarming us to no end!


For just a few seconds I “saw” my mother slip the oars of our old wooden row boat on Forest Lake back and then roll up her sleeves to reach deep into the water to pick a few of the large white blossoms to take home to my grandmother. Simpler gifts, simple pleasures, but memories worth more than gold and no camera needed. I didn’t pick any of these “new” lilies and I’m not going to say where they are on the lake but I’m so grateful for the memories they brought to me. A really nice day.

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