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Well, it’s the peak of summer, and National Farmers Market Week, so your primary mission is clear: find your local farmers market!

Sure, the supermarket sells tomatoes, peaches, corn, melons, and so much more. But there’s something magical about the taste of a tomato that was harvested at peak ripeness the day before, as opposed to supermarket varieties that were picked while green before being hauled across the country. Your farmers market is the place to find those treasures. The best ones also carry local dairy, certified organic veggies, cheeses, meats, artisan breads, and luckily for us… fresh lobsters and seafood, too. The fact that shopping there helps you support small farms and eat more sustainably? Just a big fat Bonus!!

So, if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, ( shameless plug 🙂 stop on by. The Wells Farmers Market is open each Wednesday, rain or shine from 1:30-5pm, and we love meeting our many many visitors to our area. Come taste the flavors of Maine.. blueberries, peaches, plums, and lobsters, pickled can goods, plus scrumptious fresh baked goods utilizing the fruits of our summer season.

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Every day I take a walk along the beach. Yesterday was a really nice day, so I decided to take some shots of new soaps for a brochure… these guys thought I had lost my marbles! LOL

As the bitter wind blew steadily out of the ?? north/east/west? (fill in blank) it bites into my cheeks as I walk along. And then  I bump into my old friend, Oscar.. who stares at me and wonders why I am out in such cold weather.. I might ask the same.


But this young one just sat there all knowing.. and nodding his head.. go on, take the pics.. so I did! LOL



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I think bird watchers will agree anytime you spot an owl is a good day.  But for me spotting my first snowy owl of the season was a real hoot and a great day!


Most years, at least some snowy owls fly south from their arctic breeding grounds to spend the white season here in New England, and found ~~ (if you’re lucky enough) in their favorite habitats…. coastal marshes or open country, and often near saltwater. As I’m generally out there walking along the beaches and marsh daily during the winter, I’m always on the lookout for this wonderful bird. I’ve only ever been lucky four other times in past seasons, so spotting one for me is a real treasure.

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Red sky at night, a sailors’ delight.  Red sky in morning, sailors take warning.


This mornings sunrise… a blaze of red, so after my walk, I hurried to the farm to pick these blaze of reds before the skies opened up, spoiling them. The contrasting colors seemed fitting for this mornings sunrise.


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Great day on the water with Capt. Satch & Sons. First time for the boys…. going out fishing! They had a blast! Caught mackerel & bass. Eli got to co-pilot with the skipper Rich and they hauled home fresh lobstah off the dock for dinner, too!  So much fun having them all home ❤








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