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When the boys were younger, they’d refuse to leave the beach unless I promised to take them to the Scoop Deck, because.. well, passing up an ice cream surely must be a crime… or so I’ve been told 🙂 The tougher part is deciding which, of over 75 flavors to choose from comes next! Decisions, decisions!

Eli & Liam are our ice cream oficianados! 🙂 ❤

I, myself am your classic ice cream eater.. opting for coffee, maple walnut, orange pineapple, pistachio nut, black raspberry and sometimes I’ll even go a little crazy and ask for rainbow sprinkles too! Yes, I like to live on the edge.

But I do prefer going with folks or children that like to take risks in their ordering. The combinations my guys come up with always surprises me! They’ll try flavors like Summertime Blues, or Black Bear or Moosetracks! And they MUST have jimmies sprinkled on them.. ** you may call them “ sprinkles” but we natives call them “ jimmies”. But not once can I ever recall seeing anyone order just plain old boring vanilla. 🙂

So, if you find yourself traveling along our coast this summer, this is the one place you can’t miss visiting, as this is the best ice cream shop in the entire state!!

I think it’s safe to say they sell an awful lot of ice cream on most days.

You may have a little bit of a wait, but once you have a cone resting in your hand with your tongue working overtime to keep the spillage at bay, you will thank me for the recommendation! LOL The wait is well worth it! Trust me! And always remember…..

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Well, we finally made it to Memorial Day weekend. It was a whopping 88 degrees here yesterday… not unheard of in our neck of the woods, but unusually high temps for May.

We seem to be very much still up in the air as to opening things up around here.. but the locals feel it’s still to early, and frankly I’d have to agree. And because of our proximity to the other New England states.. it’s an easy drive, under two hours to get here on any given day. Businesses are yelling.. let them in, if we are to survive. We are dependent on the tourists!! Others, though they fully appreciate the

economic climate we are presently facing here in Maine are throwing up the red flags of warning! So on this very unusual holiday weekend here.. it’s very slow going, with very few of our beaches open.. and those that are, deemed only for walking, running, surfing or swimming… absolutely NO SUNBATHING! And no out of staters for this weekend! Officially they have decided to open up a little more, on June 1. That in itself you’d think would be deterrent enough to keep guests away for this weekend? Nope! The parking lots were filled to max yesterday. Very few masks, and little social distancing clearly was noted. 😦 Mostly out-of-staters. One little boy was overheard asking his Mom, “ do you think they will let me still build a sandcastle”? His Mom replying, “ let’s wait and see.” And heaven forbid you may need to use the restrooms! All closed! Until June 1.

What most out of New England visitors to our state don’t seem to grasp.. is all of these caution signs were employed purposefully, and with much thought.. and with only one priority in mind… curbing any further spread of COVID 19 to our state. Just Thursday alone we had an unheard of increase of 75 new positive cases overnight! Why in the world would we want to open our doors to visitors from other nearby states with thousands more positive cases than we have already to deal with?

Even the many out of staters that were interviewed on our local news Thursday night said in response when asked why they had traveled here… the answers were so familiar. “ We come to Maine every Memorial Day weekend “. “ We’ve been cooped up far too many weeks already “. “ We just needed some clean, fresh air and pristine waters and to cool off.”

When then asked, “will you abide by the state mandated, 14 day quarantine while you are here?“

…… Nope! We’re only here for the long weekend!! Grrr! It’s enough to make anyone crazy.

And this… to give you an example of the typical amount of visitors on just an average weekend here.. on our Main Beach and not a four day long holiday weekend! Simply an impossibility to maintain “ social distancing “ under these circumstances. 😦

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Hooray! News from Vacationland! We’re making headway! After eight weeks of mandated in-house quarantine, the Wells Beach has officially re-opened.. but only to swimmers, surfers, walkers and fishermen. No sunbathing is allowed, nor sitting on the beach 😦 while safe distancing is still in effect… as well as common sense I would hope! This ruling makes it pretty difficult for our many seniors, handicapped or compromised folks …. sighing. 😦

For me personally… I wish someone could kindly explain how the act of sitting on a beach blanket, beach chair or to sit under an umbrella relaxing, constitutes a higher risk of contracting/spreading this awful virus. Anyone?… especially for our senior retirees, compromised or handicapped. Our beach is eight miles long!! More than enough room to spread out!

Ogunquit Beach and the Marginal Way remain closed! York Beaches and Kennebunkport Beaches will be decided upon this evening if they will re-open or not. Keeping my fingers crossed. If they do not open, it will become bedlam for the Town of Wells.

😦 😦 Many businesses, hoteliers and restaurateurs dependent on tourism here, are deeply concerned… with very good reason. Mainstay businesses that have been here for over 50 years cannot survive if our beaches remain closed. Our beautiful beaches are the reason so many come to visit each year! The local officials are concerned about safety. We are all concerned for the safety of our locals, as well as our abundant visitors, and clearly should be a priority at this point with new Covid cases still on the rise daily in all of our abutting states here.

If only people would abide to a few basic guidelines as suggested by the CDC and our state governors office, safe re-openings and full usage of our beautiful beaches could be easily achieved and restored…. but so far we’re simply not seeing this happening, and as we haven’t the manpower to enforce basic rules, sadly 😦 they will remain closed. C’mon people.. use some common sense! Enough said!

I’m just thoroughly happy to once again be able to greet the sunrise again each morning! 🙂

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“When despair for the world grows in me
and I wake in the night at the least sound
in fear of what my life and my children’s lives may be,
I go down where the wood drake rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds.

I come into the peace of wild things
who do not tax their lives with forethought
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
And I feel above me the day-blind stars
waiting with their light. For a time
I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.”

~ Wendell Berry

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Last night it was decided to close down our seven mile long beach until further notice. 😦 The locals aren’t happy campers today. If the decision was up to me, I’d start by closing the beach to out of staters and non residents firstly.

C’mon the likelihood this time of year bumping into another soul isn’t generally a happening, especially in the wee hours. Most walkers are there for only one reason.. to walk and get some fresh air.. surely not to congregate, especially when it’s 22 degrees out! So this will be one of the last sunrise shots.. unless I start digging through older shots. 😦

Ogunquit & Wells Beaches Closed until further notice 😦

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Good morning. The high winds and frigid temps has stopped ( at least for now) here in Southern Maine and as we are into the last weekend before Christmas, I hope you will all give yourselves the gift of a peaceful heart. The world isn’t going to end tomorrow if you don’t find the perfect Christmas gift for a family member – the fact that you want to please someone you love that much, is the real gift.

Please don’t lose the joy of Christmas in the rush and find it is all over and you missed it. Take time to really see the beauty of nature, the brightly colored lights of Christmas decorations, and most of all.. the chance you have to make a difference in the life of someone around you. With Christmas in your heart, your helping hand extended, and a +++positive+++ attitude you can change the world.

So take a deep breath, live in the moment, listen to the music … and go forth and “Love one another”. This gift of Christmas applies to all of us, of every faith, every color and ethnicity. You don’t have to call it Christmas to do it.

This morning’s walk brought me down to the harbor. What a nice surprise to see the finished results of months of hard work put forth by our local students. They were hoping to get it completed in time for Christmas. Each buoy hand painted with much detail and assembled over the past weeks on the new harbor tree. What a beautiful and very well thought out addition it’s made! Love ❤ it! Great job everyone!

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Well, it’s the peak of summer, and National Farmers Market Week, so your primary mission is clear: find your local farmers market!

Sure, the supermarket sells tomatoes, peaches, corn, melons, and so much more. But there’s something magical about the taste of a tomato that was harvested at peak ripeness the day before, as opposed to supermarket varieties that were picked while green before being hauled across the country. Your farmers market is the place to find those treasures. The best ones also carry local dairy, certified organic veggies, cheeses, meats, artisan breads, and luckily for us… fresh lobsters and seafood, too. The fact that shopping there helps you support small farms and eat more sustainably? Just a big fat Bonus!!

So, if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, ( shameless plug 🙂 stop on by. The Wells Farmers Market is open each Wednesday, rain or shine from 1:30-5pm, and we love meeting our many many visitors to our area. Come taste the flavors of Maine.. blueberries, peaches, plums, and lobsters, pickled can goods, plus scrumptious fresh baked goods utilizing the fruits of our summer season.

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Every day I take a walk along the beach. Yesterday was a really nice day, so I decided to take some shots of new soaps for a brochure… these guys thought I had lost my marbles! LOL

As the bitter wind blew steadily out of the ?? north/east/west? (fill in blank) it bites into my cheeks as I walk along. And then  I bump into my old friend, Oscar.. who stares at me and wonders why I am out in such cold weather.. I might ask the same.


But this young one just sat there all knowing.. and nodding his head.. go on, take the pics.. so I did! LOL



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