Extra Nuts

It’s a good thing we squirreled away some extra nuts for this hopefully, last Nor’easter of the season!  It’s just plain nasty out there.  Be safe everyone.


Peek at Spring

Here, in the northeast, we’re zig zagging our way temperature wise so far.. yesterday’s sunrise.. simply a stunner.


Sweet Pea


In the mind of dogs

TBT– As we’re presently in a total white out here.. this seems like the perfect re-post LOL Thinking Spring! Only 40 days, 6 hours, 52 minutes, 37 seconds left, but hey, who’s counting?! LOL LOL Stay warm.

Thyme Goes By...

I don’t know about  you,   but  I’m sure all of us   are sick sick sick of this whole snow palooza of these past weeks. I know for sure that I am.

As the snow tumbles down again today I had to laugh to myself as I thought of days gone by and recalled some really good buddies of mine that would wag for joy whenever this white stuff fell..  Well, two out of three, at least!  Can you guess of who I am thinking of?  Ayup, Jackson, Molly and Duffy–our dogs.

So, I got to thinking about a typical recap of snowy days of the past.  Here’s how most snowy days were greeted on our farm.

It’s morning, and unbeknownst to the gang, the white stuff is falling (yet again).  I haven’t yet had my morning java (in the days when I drank gallons of the stuff) and still need…

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Three Cool Chicks

This made me laugh on so many levels 🙂 


Sweet Dreams

Hey, it’s tough playing hard all day, ya know 🙂 Our tuckered out, Eli. ❤


Thinking Spring

Garden planning….
img_0252Gardening in January? But I just love gardening. Love. Love. Love it! By the end of December I’m usually grateful for a break and because the holiday season takes up so much time with family, friends and business commitments it’s a good respite from weedin’. ( Oh yeah.. and because the ground is often frozen and covered with a couple of inches of that yucky white stuff.)

Yeah, I know it’s freezing out there. But I still planted my leek seeds.  Heck, I was suppose to be stirring 40 pounds of soaps, and had to put the the time to good use right? It’s the one thing that didn’t get into the garden last year, but it will for sure this year. 🙂 Just think, only a few more weeks left til I can play in the real dirt again! And there was still light past 4:30 last night!  Thinking Spring!