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Before the rains this morn.


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…. and on my counter!! LOL


But ya know what? They are going to stay there, cause I’m off to do some serious lunching and then paddling around this beautiful afternoon at my fave haunt, Cape Porpoise!




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Perfect Calm

Perfect Calm

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Goat Island Light

Goat Island Light

Saying goodbye is such a difficult thing to do…

Our loved ones never truly leave us… they live on in the kindness they showed,  the comfort they shared and the love they brought into our lives.

I’d say this more than aptly describes my Rob.  Cape Porpoise, and Goat Island was his very favorite place to be.  As an artist, he always said it inspired him to paint.  As an avid kayaker.. a favorite place to paddle. And with his passing, the right place for his scattering ceremony.

You can shed tears that he is gone or you can  smile because he has lived.  You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left.

Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him or you can be full of the love that you shared.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.

You can remember him and only that he is gone or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back or you can do what Rob would want you to do….

Smile,  Open Your Eyes, Love and Go On. ♥♥♥

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It’s going to be a hot hot weekend, and as SOON as farmers market ends tomorrow I plan to be out in the harbor paddling around in my kayak.  Stay cool!

Cape Porpoise Harbor

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Morning peacefulness


Afternoon calm


Evening solitude


Couldn’t ask for a more picture perfect day than today. Simply gorgeous!


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