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Move over zucchini.. make room for the hubbards.  Picked the last of the zucchini today.  It’s been a prolific season.



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My love of peaches borders on obsession.

I have loved, savored and craved juicy, ripe peaches my entire life.

As a child, we often vacationed with my Dad in Maine, and one of the highlights of every trip was making magical homemade peach ice cream, made with local peaches that we had picked.

My favorite book was “James and the Giant Peach.” As a little girl, I thought how amazing it would be to be trapped inside, eating my way through a giant, juicy peach.

My first T206 collectible baseball card was “Peaches Graham”.

There’s not a single food that reminds me more of summer, that brings back happy childhood memories. Peaches remind me of my dad. They bring me happiness.

My first peach-picking experience this season was just a few short weeks ago at my good friends, Ann and Howards’ orchard.. Foxes Ridge Farm in Acton and the last.. a few days ago, with my two grandsons, Liam and Eli. It was just a beautiful day… peaceful and so much fun — as was enjoying the fruits of our labor. Peach pie, Peach Salsa, Peach jams.. and of course.. peach ice cream! yummy!

Hopefully, peach picking will definitely become an annual summer tradition with my little guys. I hope it will become a wonderful memory for them too one day, and they’ll remember me, the same way I remember my Dad, bringing them happiness, as well.

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What to do with a plethora of sweet cherry tomatoes.. pickle em! My market customers are going to love these little babies. 🙂 Yumma!


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She’ll be dazzling when she unfurls… opening to the wind, just like her big brothers. 🙂



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…. and on my counter!! LOL


But ya know what? They are going to stay there, cause I’m off to do some serious lunching and then paddling around this beautiful afternoon at my fave haunt, Cape Porpoise!




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SO worth the wear and tear on this back for months on end, for one luscious bite into one of these babies 🙂 LOL! Betcha thought I was going to say steamed clams! 🙂 Caprese Salad on the menu tonite! Yum!


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  My fave part of summer … peach  season! Lucky am I to have dear friends that happen to own an orchard. Into today’s larder will go jars and jars of Ameretto peach jam.  Into today’s oven will go fresh peach galettes and the rest of these drip down your chin, juicy morsels will go into my tummy 🙂







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