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‚̧ Thanks so much for my new kitchen helper, Beth! She’s already being put to the task this afternoon, readying for tomorrow’s market day! ūüôā


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oldshepbronze1szd In August 1936, an ailing sheep herder was hospitalized in Fort Benton, Montana. His faithful working companion, an old farm shepherd dog , waited patiently outside the hospital for his friend’s recovery. It was not to be.

Subsequently, the decision was made by the shepherd’s relatives back east that his body be sent there for burial. In the lonely procession that followed from hospital to train depot, the identity and relationship of the whining dog that accompanied the casket was lost.¬† Prevented from boarding the train, the dog, who soon thereafter came to be known as Old Shep, patiently and methodicaly held a vigil to insure reunion with his beloved friend. For five and a half years, Old Shep met each passenger train as it chugged into the station and unboarded its patrons, anticipating his partner’s return.


Old Shep’s story exemplifies the devotion and faithfulness of dogs everywhere. Shep’s story was carried in newspapers throughout the country and overseas. Appearing in the London Daily Express, the New York Times and in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Occuring in the shadow of the Great Depression and the advent of World War II, this story took on added significance for those who mourned the departure of loved ones and hoped for their safe return.

Old Shep became and still remains a patron saint of loyalty, patience and friendship. On January 12, 1942, Shep “rejoined his best friend.”¬† The pup was so famous that at his death the wire services of Associated Press and United Press International carried his obituary along with the war news. Shep’s funeral was two days later. He was laid to rest on the bluff overlooking the station.

In June, 1995 a bronze statue of Shep, created by Bob Schriver was erected on Fort Benton’s levee.


A really close friend sent me this story after Duffy crossed over to Rainbow Bridge.¬† It moved me to tears…¬† as my old shep, Duffy behaved exactly the same..¬† waiting patiently for my arrival home whenever he wasn’t by my side–¬† loyal, patient and caretaker to us all.


The caretaker--Duff

MyOldShep Duffys Best

My old Shep-- Duffy

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Puppy Love

Puppy Love - Peruvian nino

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My Duffy

Duffy.. my little boy.. our faithful caretaker.

How does one begin to say goodbye to a lifelong friend & companion who totally devoted himself¬† to you in such a selfless way?¬† One doesn’t!

Duffy, Mum’s little boy.. If my tears could build a stairway to heaven, I’d run right up &¬† bring you back home.

Fourteen years of loyal devotion.. I’m certain Duffy is watching over all of us– even now.


Jackson our Goober boy

Sixteen wonderful years!¬† Jackson, our¬† Goober boy…¬† happy & joyful always!¬† Our memories of your life¬† will always bring a smile to our faces.¬† You were loved..¬† you loved¬† unconditionally!!¬† You
were¬† the joy of Dad’s¬† heart and mine…¬† you never took anything seriously…¬† such a¬† happy go lucky soul.

For the joy and comfort you generously gave to us all…¬† we¬† thank you Bub…¬† and¬† we love you both with all our hearts!

Rest¬† easy now¬† Jackson…¬† take¬† good care of¬† Duff…¬† and always know¬† Mum & Dad¬† love you big guy.

Thank you Duffy and Jackson for years of enthusiastic wags.¬† Losing you both so suddenly in such a few shorts days is clearly a sign that you were meant to be together forever… enjoy the heavens as you enjoyed the earth.

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