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The boys were loving the snow this morning, Deacon especially! ♥♥ my Deacon! He reminded me of days gone by and what a few other ‘boys’ and a frumpy ole gal thought of the snow.   Our Jackson, Duffy and Molly loved a good blizzard equally as much..well, two of them for sure!

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Deacon’s Ball

Deacon's ball

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One of Mac’s favorite time of his day.. naptime.


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Deacon.. my sweet beggar

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Jackson's watering hole

While flipping through some older shots the other day I came across a favorite of mine of our Bubba.. Jackson.  Though over or double exposed, it still remains one of my favorite shots of him, as it was a very special fishing day for us in one of Jackon’s favorite fishing holes. I think part of the reason this day remains so special in my mind, is Jackson’s happy go lucky nature and the joy he brought to us over the years..even when the fish weren’t biting.

As I flipped through more shots, I came across these three as well.  All three taken on the Isle of Capri, actually up on Anacapri we came across a splendid island hideaway and  lovely estate owned by Axel Munthe, whose book  La storia di San Michele–The Story of San Michele and a placque that  depicts my sentiments as well on dog wisdom from his book.

The estate located on the northeast side of Anacapri was an ancient imperial villa, whose ruins were preserved by Axel Munthe and are now to be found in their magnificent gardens.  In this area also were the remains of a medieval chapel later moved to its present position–well worth the visit in itself..simply lovely!  San Michele was Munthe’s residence between 1896 and 1910, and the fanciful architecture and master works meant as a perfect environment for the collections of its owner, and at the same time, serve to enhance the beauty of its landscape.  The buildings and collections reflect a romantic taste, typical of that century.

Capri, Itlay

San Michele-Alex Munthe's Gardens, Capri, Italy

Alex Munthe's Garden--Anacapri, Italy


Path to the chapel -- Anacapri, Italy

Dog Wisdom

” The dog is a saint..he is honest and straightforward by nature. “

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Joys of Spring

Just clipped--Deekie & Mac

Bufflehead duck

Deacon and Mac just got their summer clips.  No doubt they’ll be in the pond by noon chasing the buffleheads around.  They’ll try like heck, but come home empty jawed.  The buffleheads are one of the  smallest of the diving ducks–and much too quick for these old guys to catch. Oh the joys of Spring. 😉

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