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But Ma.. SHE started it!

In memory of Jackson

Jackson & Funnyface… inseparable best buddies

Jackson was our oldest golden and in another lifetime I’m certain he was a Mom. He had the most wonderful disposition–nothing ever rattled him. Not what I’d call a watchdog–at worst he’d wag you to death with his tail. And nearly all the critters on our farm were practically raised by him, be it kittens, orphaned lambs, bottle fed kids, day old chicks or the baby ducklings.

One spring night we had a delivery of kittens from a young first time mother, that didn’t want to have any part of mothering. She’d rather be out running in the fields or mousing up in the barn loft. And we also had one other great mother kitty–Funnyface, that was simply a natural. Jackson watched and listened for two hours to the hungry crying neglected newborn litter and then decided to act. It’s a good thing golden retrievers are born with soft palates, so as not to damage their catch when field hunting.

We watched him remove each of the six newborns and gently tuck them all, one by one into Funnyface’s basket alongside her own two week old kittens. It was love at first sight. She took them in and raised them as her own.. If it weren’t for Jackson they surely wouldn’t have survived. Remarkably enough, a month later, the young mother kitty resumed her responsibilities– so now everyone was pretty content and we no longer had any supply & demand shortages of milk.

Snug as bugs in a rug.. and all were adopted.
Watchful Mom

Jackson was always drawn to the young–and they to him. I think overseeing all the critters on our farm kept him young. He was fourteen years old when he crossed over to Rainbow Bridge and had lived a full and very good life… and we were blessed to have him fill ours – but moreso, he was such a gentle giant… and a really good boy. ❤

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Babysitting this week for a friend… she’s a little rascal! 🙂


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TBT… our little Willy. He could always find the damndest of places to hide. 🙂




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But Ma

But Ma.. I’m so tired… I don’t want to go to school today.

But Ma

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The Snuggler

Snuggle time

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Lessons learned

The Imp…  Oh boy! That big fat fluffy tail is too tempting.. if I can just sneak up on poor old Spencie–I’m gonna pounce right on it!

The Imp


The Scold…  Swat!!  Learn your lesson little guy?

The Scold

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Piccolo's 1st lobstah

Well it was only a matter of time before Piccolo would get to sample a little crustacean around here.  Poor little guy missed me while we were away, but his babysitter took mighty good care of him for us. We picked up some lobstah’s on our way back down the coast from our weekend away…  Piccolo doesn’t know what to make of them here.. but his curiosity got the best of him.  Good thing their claws are banded.  LOL

Nosey bones Piccolo

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Do not disturb

It’s been a tough day here..  I’ve played hard, gotten into as much mischief as I possibly could get away with, tormented my big sis, Spencie–now it’s naptime.  Amen!

Do not disturb


Now how long did you honestly think I’d stay snoozin’?


Naptime's over & away I go!

Oh boy! Look at those gorgeous lemon verbena leaves just a blowin’ in the breeze.  Should I bother to give them a swat or two or three or four?  If I do I better hurry before Mom catches me 😉  Hooray! It’s play time again.

Have a great weekend everyone..I know I will. LOL

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Today was market day for me.. a rather typical Saturday.  After I finished setting up my booth, I set out to do my shopping–jams, jellies, some pickles, arugula and then there were more pepper plants to pick up.  I found a sweet hanging cherry tomato plant covered in flowers and already had five tomatoes on it 😉 Yumma!

Then I spotted Stephanie–one of the vendor’s daughters with Lilian. They’re also regulars at market. Lilian’s kind of our market mascot and meets & greets most visitors who happen by.

Steph & Lilian

I had a few more minutes before market opened to the public so I went around to meet our newer vendors this season.  But then I spotted it…  a perdy large sign that read “adopt me”.  Hmm.. far be it for me to pass up a little looksy.  **Sigh.. three of the sweetest little ones you’d ever want to meet.  Well one of these little adoptees, ( the runt actually) just warmed my heart so much, that I wrapped him up in an old sweatshirt and he spent the day with me at market til we closed and naturally he ended up coming home with me too!  Meet little Piccolo, the newest member of our family. He’s taken to the house like he was born here, and already taken over one of poor ole Spencies fave toys!  He hasn’t mastered it yet, but able to give it a few good swats around.

Piccolo's first day home



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