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Babysitting this week for a friend… she’s a little rascal! 🙂


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TBT… our little Willy. He could always find the damndest of places to hide. 🙂




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But Ma

But Ma.. I’m so tired… I don’t want to go to school today.

But Ma

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The Snuggler

Snuggle time

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Lessons learned

The Imp…  Oh boy! That big fat fluffy tail is too tempting.. if I can just sneak up on poor old Spencie–I’m gonna pounce right on it!

The Imp


The Scold…  Swat!!  Learn your lesson little guy?

The Scold

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Piccolo's 1st lobstah

Well it was only a matter of time before Piccolo would get to sample a little crustacean around here.  Poor little guy missed me while we were away, but his babysitter took mighty good care of him for us. We picked up some lobstah’s on our way back down the coast from our weekend away…  Piccolo doesn’t know what to make of them here.. but his curiosity got the best of him.  Good thing their claws are banded.  LOL

Nosey bones Piccolo

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