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Scatter seeds of love for the monarchs.

Let them fly in November’s winds

Pick some pods for butterfly lovers

….. to create the monarch gardens of next Spring.


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  Music is a powerful thing.  One song can change your mood… One song can make a memory… One song — Can change your whole life.                                                                                                                                 


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In the wake of Michael Jackson’s memorial tribute one can’t help but reflect on the many ways he changed the world–from his music to his dance and music videos.  Simply a remarkably talented performer.

One thing’s for certain… Heaven just got a little brighter. Rest in peace.

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Hooked on Pandora

I’ve always been a music fan.  I like my classical stuff.  I love my oldies.  A soft jazz isn’t too hard on the ears either.  NO noise though.  Only music that you can actually understand the words being sung.

In my office, walking along with my ipod, in the car, even in the barn you’d hear classical playing twenty four hours a day.  Two reasons for this–it clearly kept any preditors at bay and I like think my girls laid their fabulous fresh eggs calmly rather than listening to punk rock! 😀

Gertie searching for the ultimate wormie

Gertie searching for the ultimate wormie

One day my daughter introduced me to to Pandora. It’s a new kind of radio that plays only the music you like.  I’ve been one happy camper ever since.  I can listen to all my fave pieces with no commercials and choose just what I want to hear.  So, if you haven’t tried Pandora yet, you really should.  It’s just awesome!

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