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VIbrant colorful blooms,transplants from Dad’s garden,
lighten the darkest corner of my yard
. . . smiling faces that greet the day
— humming once upon a time. ❤



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We have the sexiest, hunks of men on our lifeguard/rescue squad here. 🙂 But then, I’m a wee bit partial LOL!



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After farmers market on Wednesday, I headed south to an old friends farm in N.H. for a visit and do some kayaking around the lake she lives on. Oh yeah, I’ve been known to give up my pristine ocean kayaking to a lake for the sake of friendship from time to time 🙂 LOL The water was like glass and I enjoyed paddling around exploring the nooks and crannies and it’s wildlife, loons, and baby sunning turtles. Spotted one painted turtle, but he was too quick for me to capture. It was so peaceful out there… though I couldn’t help but to keep an eye out for my regular kayaking buds, the porpoise and harbor seals, I’m more accustomed to paddling around with 🙂 Old habits are hard to break. LOL  At  one point we veered off a while to check out a tiny creek when we came upon this expanse of the first water lilies I have seen in years! And what I remember of them in bygone days was that most were white, yellow or pale pink, but this deep pink one was the only one I saw.  What I remember clearly as a youngster was wading in a lily pond to catch jug-o-rums and the funny sound they made when we released them.. or rather they released themselves and leapt out of our hands so quickly, alarming us to no end!


For just a few seconds I “saw” my mother slip the oars of our old wooden row boat on Forest Lake back and then roll up her sleeves to reach deep into the water to pick a few of the large white blossoms to take home to my grandmother. Simpler gifts, simple pleasures, but memories worth more than gold and no camera needed. I didn’t pick any of these “new” lilies and I’m not going to say where they are on the lake but I’m so grateful for the memories they brought to me. A really nice day.

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…. or sixty pounds of blueberries! Only sixty more left to pick before the season ends.

Think pearls. No, not the neck adornment, but instead hundreds of perfectly round orbs. Think blueberries. I know, I went a little blueberry crazy here. But, I mean, BLUEBERRIES! How can anyone not love those plump, sweet blue pearls of utter sweet and so healthy goodness? Yes, I went blueberry picking again, and in just a short time collected 60 pounds of fruit, enough to gorge ourselves and have plenty leftover to freeze for later that will go into my blueberry merlot jam, holiday pies and winter desserts. And lest we forget homemade blueberry ice cream, too! 🙂 yum! I’m so glad its summer.


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Babysitting this week for a friend… she’s a little rascal! 🙂


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