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She had nine lives.. and then some, in her almost 21 years on this earth. She had a very full life, a much loved life and will be missed dearly. Rest easy now sweet Spencie.. Give Jackson, Duff & Ms Molly a hug for me as you cross over Rainbow Bridge. You were all meant to be together, forever… enjoy the heavens as you enjoyed the earth. ❤



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When the river flows
Let it flow
When the river stops
Let it stop
When the river falls
Let go
Let it fall
When the river turns to open sea
You are free
All rivers return to the sea
It is their

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….. of snow, hopefully!!


The sun was warm but the wind was still chilly. You know how it is with an April day… anything’s possible, and as a New Englander, I know, not to count on anything, but then hope steps up to bat, assuring me that warmer, and brighter days are just around the corner.

Mother nature decided to envelope us with our final blanket of the white stuff this week, just as I got my peas, and spinach sown in the garden. My Easter flowers that were just set out in the garden–shell shocked! Grrr…… But the nicest part of an April snow here, is that it doesn’t last for too long, and as it melts away, the pain of it’s arrival will then naturally irrigate the newly seeded beds.


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…….. and the cow jumped over the moon.


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Happy Easter.. Buona Pasqua!  Let’s celebrate the new life… wishing you a fun filled Easter, Passover, Spring!



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With the falling of 22 more inches of new fallen snow today, ugh… I was reminded of this post and how much our guys (not the princess, though) just loved a good snow storm. 🙂




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IMG_4868Whenever we see the word “herb” most of us think of small, fragrant plants that Grandmother grew in a corner of the vegetable garden: Basil, thyme, rosemary, mints, dill, savory, sage, parsley, chives, anise and marjoram.  The word, however includes all plants that do not develop a woody tissue.  It was perhaps 100 million years ago when Mother Nature executed one of its major miracles and evolved the enclosed seed which contains all the chromosomes essential for the growth of a complete plant organism.

Tens of thousands of species of herbs help make our flowering world.  The leaves of grasses, flowers, weeds, annuals and biennials are soft and succulent, not stiff and enduring like the needles of pines, hemlocks and spruces. The hard, encased seed is the basis of the herbs that clothe our fields and meadows, uplands and forest glens.  For even as the massive oak develops its seed in a hard shelled fruit, so also does a tiny violet nestling unseen among the thick-growing grasses of the meadow.


The violet who will lift its blue cheerful face to the golden sun in these upcoming warm Spring days is a fragile plant, but when Spring, summer and fall have passed into eternity, it has a time-tested method of protection while zero temperatures freeze Earth’s breast.  The life power of the violet and countless other small herbs simply withdraws into the roots of the plant beneath the soil surface.  In the dormant roots, waiting for time to be fulfilled, is a force man cannot comprehend.  Too often we walk unseeingly; we look but we do not see.  None of us can understand the mystery of life, but each of us can feel the glory that is all about us.  When you walk the countryside in these up and coming warmer months heading our way, you will be surrounded by the wonder of herbaceous life.  Tread gently.


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