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Storm “Riley” is hammering down on us this weekend… gotta respect the power of that water!



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Sighs… as the snow keeps coming down here today, about the only green to be seen are these barn doors.



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Birds of a feather, eat together.


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Well it looks like Old Man Winter has finally arrived here today, and putting the kibosh on garden chores for the day. The forecasters are calling  for a 100% chance of snow straight through, til tomorrow.  And while the accumulation may not be huge, only five or six inches… the 32 degree temps are making for slick roads here already. 😦 so I walked early this morn and then up to the farm for some fresh eggs just as the fields were about covered in that blanket of white stuff.  I had to laugh watching farmer Matt coaxing this young calf back to the barn.


I was glad I pulled some root crops and kale yesterday… so today will be a perfect day for a long slow simmering stew and I’m glad to be home to make it and out of the hospital, finally.  The new diabetic diet has been both challenging and frustrating for me 😦 and I can’t help but wish we were back in June or July when veggies are plentiful to me and at my fingertips… sigh. 

But, snow or no snow, tonite the tree lighting along with caroling in the village will take place and then the bonfire down on the beach will follow, to warm us all up. And I suppose, the new fallen snow will make a pretty backdrop for the festivities… I’ll just leave the shoveling til tomorrow.


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It’s a good thing we squirreled away some extra nuts for this hopefully, last Nor’easter of the season!  It’s just plain nasty out there.  Be safe everyone.


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This made me laugh on so many levels 🙂 


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