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Do you believe in the wishbone legend? How many of us fought over the turkey day bird to put dibs in for the wishbone?  While visiting with a friend this week, this subject came up as I took a few shots of her favorite Tom–Chester.  No, Chester won’t be the star of her dinner table tomorrow–he’s strictly a pet. I have to admit I really never gave it much thought how/why the legend came about–but only that I enjoyed partaking in it as a youngster.

The  legend began with the ancient belief that chickens were fortune tellers.  The tradition of wishing on their clavicle, or ‘wishbone’ was passed down through generations and brought to America by the Pilgrims.

They, then adapted it to the turkey, making it a part of the Thanksgiving festivities.  The  collarbone, which we call the wishbone, was saved and dried for three days so that later on, two people could pull it apart. The person who broke off the larger piece was said to “get the lucky break,” and win the wish.

Chester might argue on this point….

Chester the turkey

Simple pleasures, sweet surprises, joyful journeys along with together times… Thanksgiving.. a time to be thankful for all the abundances in our lives.  Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with all the blessings of the season.

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