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Murphy won’t go out in the rain without his rain gear! We’re having monsoon rains, 40 mph winds, high tides with much flooding here today.

Murphy's Slicker

And here he is giving me a little ‘eye attitude’  because I made him take off his cap. Murph.. just loves his sailor’s cap, so I knew I’d get an argument!

Landlubber Murph with his pout on.

So out we went for our walk today 😦 Just dreadful weather, unless of course you are a duck! As you can see, I won the argument.. evil eye or not!  LOL

Murph in his rain gear

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Sweets for my sweet

Valentine's Tiramisu

For my Valentine, I made tiramisu. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Standing alone

Standing alone.. one green glass bottle

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Wow what a busy couple of weeks we’ve had here!  Some of our children decided to come for a winter reunion. They flew in  from all over the states, while another, our youngest  decided it best to stay put in the labor and delivery room. ;o) and poor sister in Michigan had to cancel as she fell and broke her leg 😦 but we took many pics to send off to her and we phoned each night to update her on the goings on here and check in on her.  As you can imagine, most are now from warmer climates, not having been back east during the winter season here in a long while and wanted to get in their snow fixes.. and that they did. They even had to go shopping for warmer jackets!  How soon they forget, even if Mom & Dad had reminded them about the cold factor.

Family ski bums

The Gurls out for a walk & photo shoot

Ayup, they are all camera nutz too! But they love the Marginal Way as much as I do.

Though it was mighty cold here, it didn’t stop them from their outdoor activities.. they jogged, they walked, they went cross country skiing.  They gabbed, and gabbed and caught us up on all their respective news tidbits. And they ate.. and ate and ate  LOL It was a fabulous visit!!  And we loved every minute of their stay.   But the best news came early Friday morning, when the call came in to tell us we have a healthy new 6 pound 9 ounce baby grandson.. Liam Joseph! New Mommy & Daddy doing very well and just thrilled with their new bundle of joy, as are we for them! We love you Courtney xox He may be just a little peanut, he’ll grow up in no time as all the rest of you have.

Liam Joseph--our newest grandson--just two hours old

As fun, exhausting and exciting a week for us was, they just plum tuckered us out! 😉  We can now go back to our solitary days.. and quieter nights and thank our lucky stars how blessed we are to have such a wonderful gang  of children.  Nan emailed me this morning, letting us know they all arrived home safely  they are already planning their next winterfest of 2011! It’ll take us that long to recover  LOL

And on a quieter note, I was able to snap this winter moon the other night over the salt pond.  A remarkably calm and still night. It was just too beautiful to pass by without some reflection of days gone by. Keep warm!

Reflecting on Winter -- Winter Moon

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