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The things Gram’s  do for their grand boys 🙂


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The snow was lightly falling,
Sparkling coming down.
The few remaining Autumn leaves
Had fallen to the ground.
The wind was howling through the trees,
all the leaves had died.
One by one they’ve tumbled down,
now buried by the snows.
The more the sparkling carries on
the more the wind does blow.
A large white blanket has covered the land.
I picked a snowflake from your wool…
it melted in my hand.

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It’s a raw, cloudy dismal day today in Maine, and getting ready for a rainy/snowy mix…. sigh 😦  When  I came in from my walk I was reminded of warmer days and a delicious soup.
While once vacationing in Sorrento we spent a week at the Albergho Lorelei Hotel located off the main Piazza, overlooking the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. Within it’s vine covered patio overlooking this breathtaking view, they serve their  guests and visitors scrumptious meals..all made to order.


One cooler afternoon after shopping all over Sorrento.. we returned back to the Lorelei exhausted, but not too hungry, as we had been sampling all the street vendors we came across, tempting treats. Not wanting a full course meal, I asked if they could make me some minestrone soup. They were more than obliging… a half an hour later I was served my soup. It was the best minestrone I’ve ever tasted.


I asked if the chef would share his recipe with me.. and graciously Marco agreed, though it took another hour for me to translate all that he was explaining to me. LOL! I make this soup often, sometimes as I recorded it.. and sometimes with my own twist.. either way, it’s one of my favorite meals.

So while waiting for this wonderful soup to cook.. pour yourself a nice cold birra and dream of blue blue seas, with the warmth of the sun lounging lazily under a bougainvilla vined pergola. My kind of day! 🙂



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A grumble….. I don’t know about you, but I’ve kind of had it with the ice, snow, more ice, sub zero temps, frozen pipes & winter!  🙂  so as I was clearing out some files today, thought this photo of an early June spray of warmth might cheer you up.. it did me! Only 42 days til Spring!


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-2 is minus two no matter how you try to slice it. Brrrr… bitter cold.


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Keely, our snuggle bug  is looking forward to Spring as much as I 🙂


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Brrrr… day three of winds and single digit temps continue here, but we are to see a warming up trend this afternoon of twenty degrees. Amen! It wasn’t a pleasant coldness with this mornings’ walk. It was the kind that made you walk all the faster, tucking your head against the wind. No matter how warm the blood in your veins, it still bites into your cheeks, just the same. Stay warm.




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