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The white stuff is still coming down, so it was just a short walk this morn for me.. and besides, I have pies to bake for turkey day. Are you all ready for the holiday? Our temps are predicted to plummet to the single digits over the next couple of mornings.. ugh ugh 😦 too chilly to be out walking — even for me. And though I knew I’d have shoveling awaiting me when I returned home, it was still a good walk.  Stay warm!





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I think bird watchers will agree anytime you spot an owl is a good day.  But for me spotting my first snowy owl of the season was a real hoot and a great day!


Most years, at least some snowy owls fly south from their arctic breeding grounds to spend the white season here in New England, and found ~~ (if you’re lucky enough) in their favorite habitats…. coastal marshes or open country, and often near saltwater. As I’m generally out there walking along the beaches and marsh daily during the winter, I’m always on the lookout for this wonderful bird. I’ve only ever been lucky four other times in past seasons, so spotting one for me is a real treasure.

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Spotted at farmers market this summer. This little bandit swiped an ear of corn from one of our vendors and then ducked out of site with it.. so he thought 🙂 LOL


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It was a great thing in this world where so many bad things are happening, to see this expression of love and goodwill. Portland’s famed Love Locks fence on Commercial Street, where once you could find hundreds of padlocks meant to symbolize everlasting affection, but after three years the powers that be– deemed the leaning fence unsafe, thus removing it 😦  I’m glad to have these few shots in remembrance of a little bit of Paris right here in our Portland.



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Unbelievable winds!


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Scatter seeds of love for the monarchs.

Let them fly in November’s winds

Pick some pods for butterfly lovers

….. to create the monarch gardens of next Spring.


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