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IMG_9616     Funny how things come to an end. We have two more weeks of farmers market  but things are definitely cruising to a halt… sort of a slow coast, not unlike running out of gas.
We’re due for a light frost in the fields, and it looks like more coming in the next week or so… Three weeks ago we were farming half naked just trying to deal with the humidity… and now, now the squash is all pulled up, the heirloom tomatoes are now stored in their winter jars, the gorgeous basils–Genovese, ruby, and holy basil have all been harvested and hung to dry…  the eggplant is in the active retching process of giving up the ghost… we have more bare ground than not, just a few last hangers on, the last willing participants of the 2018 growing season. Even the girls are happily running around scratching and pecking, making my finishing garden tasks a lot easier when I get to turn on the tiller one last time for the year.


I love this time… the later fall harvest is a little less sexy, but nourishing in its own way.


For me the annual farm harvest is likened to the beach. In the spring it doesn’t matter whats going on, we just are excited to be going to the beach again…



…… the summer is the best time for the beach, its hot, we’re in the mood and brings a special level of satisfaction…


……. but the fall is magic, the crowds have thinned, there is enough time & space to breathe deeply and take the time to feed that part of ourselves that has been neglected all summer long.
As beautiful as it is here in the summer, its easy to become a prisoner to the wind… the fall brakes those binds and brings us long awaited deep soul  vegetables, a much slower pace, warming comfort foods and much needed solitude… Can you feel it too?  Thank goodness for fall.


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First day of the new school year for my lil guys.<3


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Best email to receive ❤ LOL ( Liam now eight has his own email acct.. and I ❤ ❤ ❤ when he pops in on me with his notes!) While visiting last week here, he told me that he is soon to get his own cell phone too, “so I can text my girlfriend” (!!!) (even though he already has an iPad to text with– “but it’s not the same, Gram” LOL LOL –kids!


“Hi Grandma, we’re coming to your house next week. I love you 😘❤️”

“Oh boy! 😘❤️😘 I love you too cutiepie! See you next week. Xox”

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Hopefully this will be the last of the muggies for this year. SO looking forward to the much drier, crisp days of Autumn.


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I suppose all good things must come to an end at some point, and for me it’s our berry season. 😦  Delicious plump strawberries, the bluest of blueberries, the oh so good seedy raspberries and finally those bugger to pick blackberries. What hasn’t gone into my jams or baked goods are presently overflowing in their dedicated freezer here… and hopefully will get me through until next spring.

There is just one more ‘fruit’ left at the farm to harvest, and honestly I’m not sure if it’s to be considered a berry or not? The ground cherries. This was my first year growing them.. as I twisted a farmer friends arm to share three of his seedlings with me and boy are their fruits ever prolific! Wowza! He told me to plan on yielding at least 100 ‘berries’ from each plant– and boy, was he ever right! My plan.. of course will be to make jam from the fruits and a new hot pepper jam to add to my current repertoire of the hot stuff, I presently make.  I’m not even certain if I can freeze them or not? And my farmer friend is clueless as to their usage in cooked items. Believe it or not, he grows them solely to feed to his pigs in the winter as a treat. Apparently the little piggies are perdy fond of ground cherries. Who knew?! 


Yesterday I picked the last of my raspberries and blackberries… sigh, and though I know they’ll all be put to good use, I will miss the picking–correction… I will miss all, but the blackberry picking 🙂 So I popped a tester raspberry peach galette into the oven to try out before making more for market next week. Well somebody’s gotta test this stuff ya know. 🙂



This morning it was apricot and plum picking.. gosh they are so damn good! So I made an Italian plum cake with some of my stash of plums, along with one apricot galette for a friend. Just plain yummy!  We still have a couple of weeks of peach season left.. and those I will miss the most.


Next week if we get the predicted rains they are calling for, the first of the apples.. Paula Reds will be ready. All in all, it’s been a splendid fruit season here, in spite of our drought. Though I love harvesting all the veggies from early Spring through Autumn.. that I grow, I think one of my fave parts of my summer are all of our bountiful fruits of the season.

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Does this mean I’ll be double lucky today? Not one, but two double yolkers this morn! 


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I was recently honored to be asked by our local Oncology center to make another donation this year for their annual fund raiser. I formulated this bar for my dear hubby when he was undergoing therapy. It’s an infused herbal olive oil–goat milk blend with just a touch of lavender, geranium & helichrysum essential oils… a very mild and gentle bar made with love, for those undergoing cancer care, with highly sensitive skin.


H.O.P.E .. Hope for oncology patients everywhere!

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