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The white stuff is still coming down, so it was just a short walk this morn for me.. and besides, I have pies to bake for turkey day. Are you all ready for the holiday? Our temps are predicted to plummet to the single digits over the next couple of mornings.. ugh ugh ūüė¶ too chilly to be out walking — even for me. And¬†though I knew I’d have shoveling awaiting me when I returned home, it was still a good walk. ¬†Stay warm!





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What are we remembering? We remember that by the signing of the Armistice at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 marking the end of World War I, more than 20 million from over 26 countries were dead.

When you see the simple and humble poppy, think about the sacrifice of ALL the veterans, from all branches of service, who have come before you and the ones that will follow. Though poppies grow, we should not sleep. We should remain vigilant and always remember… On this Veterans Day, take a two minute moment of silence at 11 a.m. as a sign of respect for all those unsung heroes we have lost.

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Scatter seeds of love for the monarchs.

Let them fly in November’s winds

Pick some pods for butterfly lovers

….. to create the monarch gardens of next Spring.


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Well, the weatherman goofed on yesterday mornings’ forecast, luckily for me, so I pounced on the chance to go walking through the woods before the rains moved in on us.¬†Without my four legged companions by my side, not a typical route for me this time of year, but it was refreshing with still enough colorful foliage left to make it another memorable day.


I was reminded of days gone by, and as I cut down the path to take in the river color, and was pleased to spot some Autumn kayakers taking in the color too!


IMG_0158Walking in our fields each afternoon in Fall was a favorite pasttime of Jackson, Molly & Duffy.¬†Leaves would drop in whispers. Behind us, there snaps a twig which is not timed to our own footsteps‚Ķ and acorns fall with a bounce to the ground as the wind stirred through the leaves‚Ķ. freezing my guys in their tracks. Are the woods haunted???? I think not… ¬†though I did bump into an alarmed grey fox that I think startled the both of us!


But yes, ¬†I do believe the¬†woods to be haunted in October by the same ‚Äėlittle people‚Äô who inhabit them every other month of the year. Thoughts of witches & goblins & elves and fairies in October have filled the world with fright longer than anyone can record with certainty and the season wouldn‚Äôt be complete without them.


There are fairies at the bottom of all woods and gardens, and we all have often found their traces there.. If you do not believe in fairies in the garden you cannot a true gardener. They touch a box with a wand & make a palace for a homeless bird. In mischievous play, they pull up seeded flower heads  & plant them in more surprising places. They weave silken webs from flower to flower & paint the wings of butterflies. In October they blow on the bittersweet & make berries pop open into gay necklaces of red & orange and gold.

At the bottom of an old-fashioned garden the fairies arrange their mushroom conference stools in a fairy ring, and name all the flowers! Who else could have thought up such delightful names: Sweet William, foxglove, cowslip, Sweet Annie, snow-in-the-summer, larkspur, bee balm‚Ķ. morning glory, johnny-jump-ups & bleeding heart. These fairies name them all!! But of course...there are fairies in the bottom of the garden. ūüėČ

What is more cheerful, now, in the fall of the year, than an open wood-fire? Do you hear those little chirps and twitters coming out of that piece of applewood? Those are the ghosts of the robins and bluebirds that sang upon the bough when it was in blossom this past Spring. Happy Autumn!


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IMG_0057Well, it’s official… I finally finished up down at the farm for this year. It sort of killed me to pull the remaining zinnias, cosmos, and coneflowers. I’m going to miss having my vases filled with fresh ¬†cut flowers ūüė¶ ¬†for the next endless few months.


I suppose I always have mixed feelings around this time of year when I’m closing up everything for the season, but the memories of a fantastic growing season remain in my mind, and the trials and tribulations with this year moving to my new farm, even moreso! LOL But that part is behind me now… next years garlic beds and spinach bed good to go. This morning I buttoned it up,¬†mulching ¬†all in just harvested salt marsh hay– a final tilling and top dressed the rest of the fields with cow manure seaweed compost to work it’s magic over the winter. ¬†I even spotted my buddy this morning briefly and wished him well, until next April.


Tomorrow, in the herb garden, the last of the rosemary, sage and thyme will be harvested for a few winter remedies that I like to keep on hand. All in all, a great season!¬†Boy, thyme does go by….. winter well.


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IMG_9616¬† ¬† ¬†Funny how things come to an end. We have two more weeks of farmers market ¬†but things are definitely cruising to a halt… sort of a slow coast, not unlike running out of gas.
We’re due for a light frost in the fields, and it looks like more coming in the next week or so… Three weeks ago we were farming half naked just trying to deal with the humidity… and now, now the squash is all pulled up, the heirloom tomatoes are now stored in their winter jars, the gorgeous basils–Genovese, ruby, and holy basil have all been harvested and hung to dry… ¬†the eggplant is in the active retching process of giving up the ghost… we have more bare ground than not, just a few last hangers on, the last willing participants of the 2018 growing season. Even the girls are happily running around scratching and pecking, making my finishing garden tasks a lot easier when I get to turn on the tiller one last time for the year.


I love this time… the later fall harvest is a little less sexy, but nourishing in its own way.


For me the annual farm harvest is likened to the beach. In the spring it doesn’t matter whats going on, we just are excited to be going to the beach again…



…… the summer is the best time for the beach, its hot, we’re in the mood and brings a special level of satisfaction…


……. but the fall is magic, the crowds have thinned, there is enough time & space to breathe deeply and take the time to feed that part of ourselves that has been neglected all summer long.
As beautiful as it is here in the summer, its easy to become a prisoner to the wind… the fall brakes those binds and brings us long awaited deep soul ¬†vegetables, a much slower pace, warming comfort foods and much needed solitude… Can you feel it too? ¬†Thank goodness for fall.

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