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Our goat whisperer 🙂





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A couple of weeks ago I went to visit our friends over at Humble Acres Farm.. where these days you’ll find a plethora of  kid goats.  Yes, it’s kidding season on the farm and as I looked around I saw bagged up doe after doe just lolling about waiting for their turn to birth.  Eight kids so far, with triplets due again this weekend and more to birth after that!

Cindy started her herd just a few years ago, wanting just one or two goats mostly to supply her family with fresh milk and  to make her goat milk soaps.. but alas,  they won her heart  as only these wonderful Nigerian dwarfs will do.  The herd is extremely well cared for and I have to admit, spoiled as much as I spoiled my own.  I just love my visits there each time I go.  I almost slipped this week old buck in my Jeep..  he was simply too sweet to leave. Isn’t he a little cutie?

Humble Acres kids

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