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Go Pats!!  Bring it home!!!



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Know what I just read?
“Patriots will wear white in the Super Bowl and the winning team has worn white 12 of the last 13 years.”
Imagine that!! 🏈👍  GO Pat’s!!!!


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Just got back from the farm… whew, it just never stops!  As sad as this day is to me, I’m very grateful for the returns this season… it’s been an outstanding growing season!  And even though I’m trying to get it all buttoned up, it just keeps on growing 🙂  I harvested kale, chard, spinach, beets, carrots, purple top turnips, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and even more salad greens.  I took down the two hoop houses… and mulched the new garlic beds… emptied the cisterns… spread the cow, chicken and llama manure.. and now officially pooped! Thyme now for a cup of herbal tea. 🙂


Our Spring may have gotten off to a slow start, but we’re being rewarded with all this late bounty.  The birds are loving the sunflower seeded heads.. which will save me time and money buying seed in the Spring, from their droppage.

The cobae vine is still a joy to see hanging on to the arbor, along with a few more stoic sunflowers and calendula blossoms.  I’ll have enough sage to stuff a thousand turkeys, and will no doubt be eating kale and chard all winter long!

Forecasters are calling for a super night for all the little goblins weather wise, so do be careful driving, Monday night. Happy Autumn & Halloweenie and have a super weekend, everyone!


Oh yeah… and if that Buffalo Bills fan is reading this… A case of tissue was shipped via UPS first thing this morn.  NO doubt you’ll need them with all the weeping that will be going on Sunday.  Goooooo Pats!!!  LOL


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WTG! Boston Patriots!

Super Bowl Champs 2015         Boston Patriots

Super Bowl Champs 2015
New England Patriots!

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