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Beach Rose

Kicking off the summer..the appearance of tourists  (dang!) LOL and the beach roses.

Beach rose

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On a sunny afternoon at farmers market I spotted this little guy eyeing the farm animals that were on display that day.  He was the cutest little boy–simply fascinated with the goats that were tethered all around him.


Honestly, I don’t think he was as interested in the creatures themselves, as he was in this particular goats’ bum…or its’ tail to be more precise.  Hmmm..it’s just so tempting.  Have I the nerve? I mean, what’s the harm? Just one little tweak is all I want to try.

I’m going for it! I just knew it.. soft and cuddly. I could pull on this tail all afternoon, it’s so much fun!  ‘Hey Mom..  can we bring one of these home…can we, can we’? 🙂


Hey!! Who did that?!!

Oh my! Who did that?

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