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“Did you just see what I saw”, Deacon asked Murphy.

Do you see what I see?

‘ I don’t believe my eyes!  But then again–anything’s possible around here!’

“Where did he come from?  Where’s he going to sleep? Not in my bed!  Am I still going to be the favorite Murph asked. ”   Replied Deacon, “Move over Number 1 and meet Number 4!”

Pant, pant, wag wag —  Hi guys, my name is Bailey and I can’t wait to get to know you all.  I heard there is a big ‘cookie’ jar around here.. is this right?  I’m almost all trained,  cute as a button and plan to be even more spoiled than you Murph! 🙂

Meet Number 4..  little Bailey

Number 4 -- Little Bailey

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Peaceful Respite

Chronic illness is like dropping a pebble in a still pond, Rob says. and the rippling effects of that pebble (the disease) reaches out far and wide. He’s a fighter, my dear hubby and refuses to let cancer rule our life. Battling lymphoma is just one part of him, but we refuse to let it override everything.

So with these steamy hot days we’ve been seeing, we took to the beach early one morning last week. You know.. just as the tide is turning– there will always be a slight breeze, even on the steamiest of days.   It was such a peaceful respite from our typical daily schedule of oncology, hospitals and clinics.  Just the break he needed.  The gulls flew over us squawking up their storm and the sanderlings danced across the waters edge in their busy movement searching for food.  We laughed as they reminded us of our busy schedules these days..always on the go.

Young Sanderlings

Sanderlings are plump little shorebirds that are always in motion feeding along the shoreline where the wave’s action stirs up their food.  They are constantly running back and forth with the waves probing the sand foraging for little crustaceans and worms.  This little group allowed me to get somewhat close, but typically they are pretty tough to capture, at least on my little camera.  I was happy with this result though–for both the shot and spirit– a good day.

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I was on my way home from farmers market this week, when I spotted this cute license plate.

Good Dog

I was tired — it was a hot one at market and just wanted to get home.. but the traffic has been unbearable this week with the influx of tourists along with the holiday weekend ahead.  So traffic was bumper to bumper to coin a phrase. On my front seat were three quarts of fresh strawberries, two dozen fresh eggs –boxed, along with three loaves of fresh bread I had bartered for at market.

I grabbed my camera as we poked along in traffic ( I can’t believe I actually did this!) —  drive –while taking photos.   Egads!  But I wanted the shot! **shrugging here.  LOL  And besides there was a  sweetest golden retriever in the back of the car.  Hmm.. maybe he’ll turn around so I can get a sweet shot.. hmm..  maybe I can get close enough to get that shot.  Hmm..  maybe I should have quit while I was ahead. ( Now, nodding my head) When  all of a sudden, this crazy kid pulls out of one of the restaurants in front of Good Dog’s car…  so Good Dog jams on his brakes, while I, with my camera in hand just about to take my next shot.. plows right into Good Dog!!  Yikes! But I got the shot 🙂

Mr Good Dog turned out to be a really nice fellow.  As he got out of his car and approached mine my mind was whirling, trying to think of just what to say to him.  After making certain he was okay–whew, thank God!  I said after  a multitude of apologies…  ‘You know, I was admiring your cute license plate and your gorgeous golden and became distracted.  LOL  The man says ‘ you’d be surprised how many comments I get on that plate’ — and asked once again if I was okay.  I said  well, nothing seems to be broken except two dozen fresh eggs and  a  chitload of strawberries rolling around all over my floor!  He offered to help me clean up the mess, but by this time all I wanted to do was get back on the road and thank my lucky stars I had the good sense to stash my camera immediately on impact!  :+)

So I hope everyone isn’t as crazy as me out there this holiday weekend — drive carefully!  Have a great 4th of July!

Bumper to bumper with Mr Good Dog

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